Title: RIP-OFF .99
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/rip-off2.zip
Size: 1.55 MB
Date: 03/31/00
Author: Mordak
Description: Well, it's a little bit of everything (as you can/ will see). As far as I know it's the biggest pwad I've ever seen (if you find something bigger please tell me, and I'll add something to mine to keep it number one :). I've been running it on my 486DX33 and UV has a pretty good speed, but ID (hehehe -see for yourself) slows down if you leave any monsters behind (486DX50 recommended for ID). Reject screws it up a little... its kinda like every monster has the "deaf/ambush" bit set, but you get more speed.

With this PWAD you can exterminate the Energizer Bunny, blast Beavis, blow up Butt-Head, bezerker punch Barney, cook the charging Cacodemon, and phscorch the Phsykick (KICK IT! KICK IT! KICK IT!) Phskull! That's right, it has sprites (and sounds, and grafx, and a cool level). You can also kill a Spider Demon with a chainsaw -no worries. And because the BFG 9000 is so hard to get, I recommend you use the dehacked patch to make ID quasi-fair (or those Cyber Demons might getcha). Whatever else would you expect from Dimension 42, the answer to the universe? In the final confrontation you must enter the Barney (read barney.txt) House and kill Barney and all his clones. -Good Luck- That's the only theme in this PWAD, all else is just chaos. I hope you like it.

I might expand later to make a whole episode, tell me how you like this level.

Thank you very much, 49 inch nails. Goodnight.

BTW, if you are playing a coop. game there is a way to kill all players in the game (if they don't have an invuln of course). Hint: Close the eye....
Credits: Rob `Cisco' Sarsorito (cisco@mhv.net) 1_ON_1 Aaron Blackwell (aaron525@denver.relay.ucm.org) Barney 3D ver 2.0 Josh Saavedra (doctor@lacerta.unm.edu) Beavis and Butthead DOOM Colin Reed (colin@argonaut.com) BSP ver 1.1x David Lobser (lobser@csn.org) Energizer Bunny 3D Raphael Quinet (quinet@montefiore.ulg.ac.be) Deu 5.1 Deu5.2 Brendon J Wyber (b.wyber@csc.canterbury.ac.nz) Deu 5.1 Deu 5.2 Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com) DMAUD ver 1.1 Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com) DMGRAPH ver 1.1 Subsector Evil Dead Sound WAD Aaron Tiensivu "A-BOMB" HELLNET Sounds WAD L. M. Witek (lee@trousers.demon.co.edu) REJECT ver 1.0 Chris `Lithium' Hopkins (chopkins@peinet.pe.ca) Star Wars Music and SFX ver 2 Leo Martin Lim (leo@cae.wisc.edu) UAC_DEAD SPACKLE LTD. (SPACKLE.LTD@genie.geis.com) Yak World (DUH!)
Base: An idea Insane in the Membrane
Build time: 4 weeks + ... Iiieeeeee! That IS a long time.
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DEU 5.2 (and those in additional credits)
Bugs: Will not not work on a 386, wait that's not a bug- that's a feature -buy a real machine! You cannot save Sometimes, when you stand right between to sectors, in the center of a linedef, you get this endless texture of ceiling... ETC (or floor ... ETF) Major HOM behind teleporter in Pyramid room (like you'll ever find it anyway) If you're not using 1.2 some funky stuff may happen, I'll release version 1.0 for 1.5/1.6/1.7 -whatever- (be about 1 meg smaller)
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It's a crazy crazy 1994 level with even crazier graphics and DEHACKED patch. You get to fight Barney, Beavis and others with weird new weapons, I'm not sure if they even work correctly in prboom-plus (I get some overpowered shotgun with unlimited ammo that stuns any monster completely). Play if you want to have a really bizarre experience.x

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