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Date: 05/31/94
Author: Robert Schweiner
Description: This level is designed to provide lots of shooting action (hence the "oozi" pun). There aren't a lot of puzzles, or secret doors that must be found to get to the end. Nor are there any "death traps" or rooms with 18 Cyberdemons. Just steady action. And while there are lots of bad guys to kill, an attempt was made to keep it realistic and within the class of an original Doom level (i.e. this isn't just another bunch of monsters and weapons and ammo haphazardly strewn about every room). I'd appreciate any and all comments/ flames as to whether it succeeds. It has been beta tested by 2 players other than myself (with a "thumbs up" from both), but only in single-player mode. Multi-player and Deathmatch modes are provided, but not tested. The difficulty levels are also implemented. In general, the harder the difficulty, the more monsters you get. This level is designed to be challenging WITHOUT using the cheat keys!

This is my first attempt at a Doom level built from scratch. Many, many, many! hours went into this level, the majority of which were spent learning various editors and the ins & outs of building levels in general. At some point in time I'm sure I've done every wrong thing that can be done. But it's been a lot of fun and I hope you get as much fun out of playing it.
Credits: Geoff Allan for the DoomEd editor (V2.5), and Raphael Quinet for the DEU editor (V5.0 & 5.1) which were used to create this level. Bruce Kuehl and Bruce Riley for beta testing. Linda Schweiner (my patient wife). id Softwade for starting this whole wonderful saga.
Base: None (original creation)
Build time: Dozens and dozens of hours (days? weeks?)
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.0 & 5.1; DoomEd 2.5 beta 3; BSP 1.1
Bugs: There are 1 or 2 spots where, when you walk over them, the screen blacks out. If you're moving at any speed faster than an absolute dead crawl, it only lasts a split second. (Any ideas?)

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This is dated May 1994. For such an absolutely ancient level it's good fun - ugly as sin but with 300+ monsters packed into a lot of close-quarters fights. It's a kind of techbase / slime refinery thing with no clear theme. The layout occupies the border between clever non-linearity and a complete lack of focus. Lots of switches, and you can finish before killing a lot of the baddies. Nonetheless there are some good traps, and it's tricky near the beginning.x
good level. x

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