Title: runaway.zip (runaway.wad and .txt)
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/runaway.zip
Size: 60.97 KB
Date: 06/29/94
Author: Eric C. Reuter
Description: Named not for any particular theme, more for the fact that once I started designing this level, I just kind of ran away with sector creation, and presto....runaway.wad. Has copious weaponry, but still may be pretty hard in UV. Not bad for deathmatch, but kind of spread out. Lots of different textures lighting and room environments, a few tricks and secrets and poetic liscence stolen unabashedly from id's original levels.
Credits: Geoff Allan for Doom Editor - The Real Thing (de_260b2 and b4) id Software (of course) Jim Purdon, Walt Woerner, Theresa Reuter
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: Approx 25 Hours over 3.5 weeks.
Editor(s) used: Doom Editor - The Real Thing (for windows) by Geoff Allan V 2.60b2 and 2.60b4.
Bugs: None known
Rating: (3 votes)
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Nice level for 1994, it could've easily fit into the E1 replacements of the time. It's very easy and short, but whatever. 4/5x
This was designed by a man who turned pro, and worked on Shadow Warrior, Unreal, and some of the Half-Life mission packs. This is a good, solid level, very early as well. The layout is spartan but attractive in an E1 style, and there are lots of baddies. You get masses of ammo and health, though. It suffers from the "monsters open doors" bug, and the texture alignment is ropey. But it's a very good level nonetheless, excellent for 1994.x

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