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This WAD is designed for single-player and to be similar in atmosphere and difficulty to the supplied levels. Multi-player and Deathmatch starts are included however.# Named after the remakable resemblance between Spectres and Pete Sampras which I on...Date:02/21/05
Size:35.26 KB
Author:Paul Ramster

Replacement level for DOOM...Date:01/17/05
Size:26.2 KB
Author:Glenn Geiss

Do DOOM Marines Dream of Electric Imps?
The story so far.. Phobos.Deimos.Hell.Hell On Earth. You've been there,done that,killed those. You are one tough marine,but c'mon,you need a break.So you go home to your parents house,where you kick back,eat lots of snack foods,play Yahtzee. Very rel...Date:03/06/96
Size:25.72 KB
Author:Robert Macnaughton

SANDSDTH.WAD - `Wasteland: Sands of Death'
the setting is in a deadly desert. The level requires a good amount of processing power. It's easier that it may seem on first approach. In this level you will learn the value of shadow in a desert....Date:01/26/04
Size:98.76 KB
Author:Alberto BARSELLA

SAPIDUSB - Bugfix version
Welcome to SAPIDUS.WAD, the 4th installment in the UCA storyline. This wad runs under e2m4 and supports single, coop, and deathmatch modes. It also supports limited difficulty settings (basically intermediate or ultra-violent). It was created usi...Date:06/08/94
Size:58.91 KB
Author:Eddie Nguyen

Satan's Lair v1.0
You're trapped in Satan's home turf. He watches you as you struggle to find a way out and he laughs at all your attempts to escape. At every turn, his band of ghoulish fiends try to make your stay as unwelcome as possible. And finally, if you live to...Date:08/10/94
Size:66.28 KB
Author:Jeffrey Kung

Satan's Summer Mansion
Satan's Summer Mansion. May 1996. A single level pwad for Doom 1.666 by R. Allen Gilliam. Pink Floyd music, multi-skill levels, deathmatch, traps, clever secrets with clues. Includes a demo lmp of me completing it at the highest skill level, which is...Date:08/17/12
Size:134.62 KB
Author:R. Allen Gilliam

SBAW.WAD Spider Behind a Wall (subtitled- two barons and a spider behind a wall, spin off of the Bar
Big room free-for-all with two barons and a spider. Take a look at the map, zoom out and you'll see a picture (won't tell you what it is, but it has six legs and a chaingun)...Date:04/13/07
Size:22.44 KB
Author:Andrew Murphy

SoftChoice Preliminary .WAD
Well, I decided to create a DOOM level out of the floorplan of our office. Nothing too exiting yet, due to the bugs in DEU, but it works. Check it out. 'Tis quite large......Date:05/12/94
Size:18.54 KB
Author:Christian Antkow

Simple Challenge #01!
You are in a room with nothing but walls, you are tired, and desperate for answers, so you get up and find you're way out of the building!...Date:04/21/13
Size:25.57 KB
Author:William Clark

Slaughter Canyon
Its a huge level....Date:06/06/94
Size:40.59 KB

Size:82.79 KB
Author:Andrew Scarvell

SoftChoice "Goes-to-Hell"
SoftChoice II WAD is the second "release" of the modified floorplan of Softchoice Corp located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The board is designed for Deathmatch play as no mere mortal would be able to survive this board playing by themselves without ...Date:05/12/94
Size:34.37 KB
Author:Christian Antkow

Size:1.61 MB

SCHOOL-DOOM! v3.011/blue [legalized upload]
THE school is a hell. Everyone knows it. But for you, things are just getting worse... Nobody really understands why you spend your time by the computer... Nobody understands you at all... Nobody even wants to understand you... You are being looked d...Date:02/03/06
Size:1.78 MB
Author:The Pupils Of The Cyberdemon Gotara, Gigademon, Faidros --> POCD Insiders Jelly, Ostrowsky --> Hanga

This is 9 levels of action that can be played as either individual or deathmatch play. I have tried to come up with unique themes for each level, and in some cases I think I have succeeded. Playing at difficulty setting of 3 only gives you the pistol...Date:06/24/96
Size:621.05 KB
Author:Chris Moller

THE SEQUEL TO WICKED.WAD! 2 levels - EPISODE 2 MISSIONS 1 and 2. Contains properly aligned graphics this time. Level 1 is a small level that takes place in a converted castle that is now center. Plenty of monsters (IMPS, SPECTRES, DEMONS, TROOPER...Date:05/02/05
Size:88.45 KB
Author:Ken Seaman

The Scorpio Project, Act 1 (scorpio1.wad)
You've cleaned up the mess left by the Military's secret projects on Phobos and Deimos. With this victory, the hellish invasion seems to have been thwarted. Unfortunately, the Military was engaged in another project in the vicinity of Mars: codenam...Date:08/21/94
Size:42.39 KB
Author:Jim Gitzlaff

My second level
I made it... it's cool... I'm proud....Date:11/01/96
Size:54.62 KB
Author:: Scorpius (

This is my first real pwad, however I have practiced. This wad makes you think, at the same time requires skill at the trigger. A perfect combination. There are a few techniques which I have yet to see in other wads, including a unique ending. Please...Date:09/05/94
Size:66.14 KB
Author:Scott Dougherty

My second wad. This is smaller than my first one, SCOTDOC1.wad. Have fun....Date:09/23/94
Size:34.18 KB
Author:Scott Dougherty

Starship based on Traveller RPG Type S Scout ship. As the ship itself was not very big, I also included a small starport with some surprises. I just got the editor for Dark Forces, and I'm going to be using that, so there are some rough edges here. F...Date:11/22/95
Size:41.39 KB
Author:Mark Skier

Size:48.43 KB
Author:Cameron Newham (

Scum of the Earth.
A normal or co-operative wad with a night-time theme, new graphics and sound FX....Date:03/24/96
Size:183.38 KB
Author:Matt Hindle (Trigger)

Seamless 2: A Fake Circle
Seamless 2 is a Vanilla Ultimate Doom map taking slot of E1M2 that makes no use of "use" lines. The theme is "base", there are about 120 monsters and the map takes less than 10 minutes to beat. The keys are MacGuffins. The difficulty is easy, to the ...Date:06/03/17
Size:61.33 KB

Seamless is a Vanilla Ultimate Doom map taking slot of E1M1 that makes no use of "use" lines. The theme is "base" and the map takes about 15 minutes to beat. It also makes use of more Doom resources than what you'd normally encounter in an Episode 1 ...Date:10/19/16
Size:128.4 KB

The Secret Installation
Two (or four) psycho marines who are frustrated with the ongoing fight against demons go insane and are put inside a hidden base with no possible means of escape. When a hoard of demons penetrate the base the marines totaly lose it and start firing a...Date:04/19/96
Size:54.31 KB
Author:Robert Whitlock

After making a really large map for a community project I tried to make a small map of no more than 66 sectors as quickly as possible....Date:05/14/22
Size:31.77 KB
Hi DOOMERS !! This is a nice little WAD for Episode 1, Map 1. It has a few tricky features inside - so try to find the exit ! It was created with the only choice for really good work : DE_260B4.ZIP Don't be frustrated - it can be solved !...Date:09/12/94
Size:4.1 KB

This set of 8 levels has been made with the word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not Muscles! Many days and weeks have gone into testing, designing and fine-tuning. Although this isn't a hack&kill kind of level, you will get your share of bloody act...Date:10/30/94
Size:396.04 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath

Sewage Base
You have entered a sewage base that was originally a military base fused with a sewage facility, but of course, the demons have taken it over. Its up to you to take them all out and take back the base. This WAD was originally finished on 1/13/2019,...Date:04/14/21
Size:88.54 KB
Author:Cory Scott (NiTROACTiVE)
Ok-here is my second full scale level- its not very long but it is REALLY hard-there are a LOT a enemies , and i recommend that you use the cheat codes for this level.....cuz it's really tough....oh well...anyway, I got the name from the "Sewer"...Date:07/12/94
Size:13.04 KB
Author:Matt Reid

Sewer of Darkness
You have just killed one of your incarcerators in this unholy prison cell that you find yourself... Can you make it out of prison and through the sewers to the pumping station exit? (Oh, one thing to remember..... THEY can see perfectly in the dark, ...Date:02/13/95
Size:65.15 KB
Author:Ryan Shephard

The Sewers of Hell
Aside from your usual Doom structures, a complicated warren, ideal for Deathmatch and just hell for anything. You'll really be wishing for one of those computer area maps... But hey, you'll adjust just in time to lure some other poor fool in.......Date:09/12/94
Size:57.32 KB
Author:Krish Cane

This is the first level in a new 9 level episode. A run through the muck....Date:05/02/05
Size:58.32 KB
Author:David Calvin & David Blanshine

DOOM: The Savage Sewers (legalized)
After what seemed to be a life long struggle you have finally won. Hell's minions have been stopped. The invasion is no longer. You lay back to rest and dream of the medals and great rewards you will receive for having saved humanity. Then all of a s...Date:06/10/06
Size:1.4 MB
Author:Mike Dickerson (aka "Kong", "Donkey Kong", "DK")

Sewer Duty
You've been bumped down to sewer duty. How could it possibly get any worse? Ah nuts, now the lights have gone out! What's that snarling? Uh oh, looks like it's time to rip and tear! I'd always wanted to map, but never managed to get into it. Recent...Date:08/22/11
Size:55.62 KB
Author:Eric Gillespie (epg)

This is my first PWAD and while not the most flashy, it is solid. As far as I know it has none of the STUPID door and texture mismatches that make me want to scream and flame the author. Also, I kept it under a 100K and didn't include any CyberDemons...Date:06/10/06
Size:32.29 KB
Author:Scott W. Shepherd

[BBS file description:] SHINOBI.ZIP 21874 8-12-94 Japanese design theme, Samarai with a Chain Saw!...Date:04/13/07
Size:21.03 KB

Shiprock (deathmatch version)
This level is a replica of the Rose Pauson residence (Shiprock) designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Both floors are accessible, connected by a transport mechanism. I'm still looking for a way to turn off the sound, but for now consider it a feature, not ...Date:08/23/94
Size:36.38 KB
Author:Myles Williams

A difficult level but definitely not impossible. There are no traps but there are plenty of ambush areas. I designed one room to be similar to the room with the star in E1M9. The only Level Boss included are a few Barrons. All weapons except BFG and ...Date:05/17/05
Size:40.5 KB
Author:Phil Longueuil

"Shoots" -N- Ladders 1.0
I think you're gonna like this one. Ladders. No, really. A level map with blinking indicators. Mayhem. Destruction. Plot twists. Air ducts. Vents. Secrets. Suspense....Date:10/23/94
Size:148.66 KB
Author:Lloyd Shelby

Have you ever seen pink demons playing basketball?...Date:05/31/05
Size:118.52 KB

Fastest Shovels #7
Another session from the Shovelware Society discord gang made by the usual suspects plus some new faces been around this time. This month session is the 1st of 3 parts for celebrating 30 years of Doom, at least this is my idea for it. Enjoy 9 level...Date:07/22/23
Size:536.24 KB
Author:The Shovelware Society

Showdown in Doomsville --
A great setting for an action packed deathmatch.. not too big, not too small...Stairs, doors teleporters and lifts...Playable 1 player..needs texture alignment!...Date:12/30/05
Size:21.36 KB
Author:Eric Sheier

A total BLAST! Enter a huge room simply crammed full of monsters, kill, kill, kill, take a break, kill, kill, kill and wonder if it will ever end! Cap it off with a true showdown between the bosses!...Date:08/08/94
Size:17.86 KB
Author:Rick DeMar (Original SHOWDOWN.WAD) Vance Andrew Blevins (Enhancements)

Texture showoff
Designed mainly to show red and silver textures, but there are a few monsters to make it single player....Date:03/03/14
Size:21.82 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

Sheer Poison
A big nonsensical challenge map; gets metaphysical in places....Date:12/14/15
Size:443.68 KB

Alien forces have taken over an old installation and activated an nuclear reactor that should have been dismantled because of its instability. It it vital that the reactor is shut down. A slight problem with navigation upon landing on the site render...Date:05/20/05
Size:43.6 KB
Author:Erik D. Ryen, Norway
You're a commander of a cargo shuttle. You sent your comm officer to the cargo bay to check on the cargo handlers. Nothing. Without warning, a shotgun armed man bursts into the cockpit, and kills your pilot as he gets blaster through the chest....Date:05/12/94
Size:14.32 KB

Soaked in Blood
A simple TWID-inspired Episode 1 replacement. What started as just one map to challenge myself to adhere to Doom 1's limitations became a whole episode. Ultra-Violence is the preferred difficulty though feel free to pick what suits your skills. Co-op...Date:08/29/21
Size:634.58 KB

Siderurgia (Version 1.2)
An abandoned steel mill where you have to fight the demons of hell because if you don't, they will destroy humanity! Oh no! This is an updated version of the original "Siderurgica" wad (notice the missing 'c' in this one.) This version includes new a...Date:10/07/22
Size:183.66 KB

Siege 2.0
A HUGE improvement over Siege 1.0 Your mission, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the castle and maintain control of it. Intelligence suggests a strong outside contingent, but no significant defense on the inside. Your main obs...Date:09/19/94
Size:26.73 KB
Author:Vu Q. Le

SIGIL Vanilla DOOM (DOS) Editon
The original release of SIGIL by John Romero...Date:02/24/22
Size:1.03 MB
Author:of original maps John Romero

SIMON10.WAD (ver 1.0)
Simon10.wad is at this stage a two mission PWAD E1M2 requires you to raise some stepping stones to get to the exit. Each stepping stone has to be raised 6 times. let me know what you think of this feature....Date:07/10/94
Size:33.78 KB
Author:Simon VOIGT

You are blasting hordes of demons on the martian satellite, Deimos. You flip a switch and are teleported to a different place. You can just barely breath the air. It is heavier, and very hot. The walls seem to shift due to the incredible heat. Becaus...Date:03/29/97
Size:40.53 KB
Author:superdud, or buttsnoid on undernet irc

All originals made strictly for Deathmatch (computers don't develop vendettas & attitudes, as opposed to your so-called "buddies" who take sheer delight in shooting you in the back with the rocket launcher and watching you fly). Wellllll, I suppose y...Date:08/18/95
Size:63.08 KB
Author:Karl Romike

Size:55.75 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Sixareas.wad (six areas wad)
A wad based on six separate areas that lead from a central room. The entrance to each area is marked by a number on the door. The level can be best solved by following the doors in order. In addition, there are 34 new graphic elements (most in the st...Date:07/30/94
Size:95.95 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

Dooms day of SJW (SJW_DEAD.WAD) ver 1.0 (FINAL)
Earth date December 10, 2010. Location SJW branch of Jakarta, South East Asia. Local Time 18:35. Monsters from hell just spawned in SJW complex. SJW has deployed their truck to pick you up, along with your 5 other pals to help them. But the only pers...Date:11/17/15
Size:139.9 KB

Skull Hall
Marine Private Sparks having completed boot was on a short leave. While touring the countryside with his sweet baby.....Babs, he chanced upon the Sarge's secret Hole-in the-Wall. Armed with but a revolver Sparks brought that house down! Recovering fr...Date:08/19/95
Size:76.11 KB
Author:Dr. Bombay aka Agent X aka AgX

You blasted yer way through hell and out again, and now you live a normal life. But you start to miss all those monsters trying to get in close to you. So you decide to go back with a couple of friends, carrying a couple bfgs and plasma guns and rock...Date:07/26/96
Size:47.76 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

My first attempt at creating a Doom level and I think it turned out well....Date:11/28/10
Size:37.84 KB
Author:Rob Morton

Die, bastards!
Just kill'em all and get the hell out of there! ...look for the exit carefully, it's there somewhere, not hidden or something. Keys also not behind hidden doors like some a**holes tend to do....Date:12/14/94
Size:61.12 KB
Author:Lassi Ahola-Huhta

Well, this is my second attempt at a pwad. I think this one is a little better than my first attempt (which wasn't that bad - toot toot!! :) SKYCITY is just that - A semi-city stuck 1 mile high in the sky. I created new textures to simulate the effec...Date:07/19/94
Size:115.38 KB
Author:Darren K. McKeigan

Here's two fun levels for E2M1 and E2M2 of DOOM! Enjoy! Please Email SLUGGER I can be reached at several bbses in Montreal for comments and suggestions. Do not call id Software regarding this file. DOOM is a trademark of id software. Thanks for tryin...Date:05/26/05
Size:15.28 KB

Intense little PWAD! Play it and find out why I call it Slauterfest! Part of the reason is that the monsters are not deaf like they should be! The layout is intricately designed (I have an appreciation of good architechture). This is my first PWAD re...Date:05/26/05
Size:25.75 KB
Author:Don Bates

You finally get a much needed R&R, after months of 'cleaning up' on Mars. A friend of yours suggested an interesting site on Rigel V, an ancient alien city. As you enter the system you attempt contact for permission to land, but theres no response. Y...Date:05/26/05
Size:37.48 KB
Author:Ezuriah, also known as Don Bates

The Sludge Factory (SLUDGFAC.WAD)
This is my second WAD. It is set in MegaTox, a toxin factory. The new graphics consist of a polluted, radioactive sky, two new wall textures, a floor texture which bears a striking resemblance to one of the original wall patches, and a subtly (!) alt...Date:05/10/96
Size:112.23 KB
Author:Ben Saylor

"Nice room(s)... lotsa space" Seriously, this is my first attempt at creating a level with enough room and variety to allow for both interesting multi- and single- player action....Date:06/25/94
Size:64.79 KB
Author:Anthony R. Adams

This is just a little wad file I was messing around with. I put it out because is has a cool secret....Date:05/31/94
Size:2.48 KB
Author:Michael Biolsi

The Sky May Be
Requires Doom 1.6 or above. This is the STRANGEST wad ever made. Most of the action takes place in a cube 8192x8192x8192 in size.. A two-year production with more new graphics than any other PWAD in the known galaxy. Built using monomolecular techn...Date:05/26/97
Size:1.33 MB
Author:DOUG the EAGLE and KANSAM (see kansam's trial 4!!)

The Smelly Part of Hell
my first level. it just grew and grew....Date:03/27/95
Size:36.31 KB
Author:nicholas r. spampata

Stone, Metal 'n' Flesh
Nothing else than a classic human base fucked off from evil demons... and also a "fantastic" bonus mission...Date:08/08/07
Size:425.74 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

SNIPE99.ZIP (snipe99.wad, snip99e.txt, snipe99.lmp)
This level was originally a small deathmatch concept, but needed some additions to improve playability. This level is moderate in size and has been designed for 2 Player Deathmatch. It also plays well as a one player episode. There are a few hidden d...Date:09/05/94
Size:59.55 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

Sewers of DOOM v1.00
It is a little known fact that the moonbase providing the setting for the first DOOM episode (Knee Deep in the Dead) has an extensive waste disposal system. Said waste disposal system went to Hell (pun intended) when the moonbase was invaded, however...Date:08/20/95
Size:98.99 KB
Author:John B. Williston

SoftChoice goes to hell!!!
It's happened. SoftChoice Corporation's facade has been broken and revealed to be the true hell that it really is (THIS IS A JOKE DAVE!!!) Watch out for the CyberLord. There's ALOT of room for him to walk around in, so look out for him once you ...Date:06/13/94
Size:41.58 KB
Author:Christian Antkow

Some Old Level
This is one of those unreleased levels, dating back to 1996 (I was twelve by then). I happened to find it in a backup floppy. When I tried it the level seemed fairly good, and as such I'm releasing it for public consumption....Date:07/25/01
Size:21.34 KB
Author:Nuno Correia

I Was Bored And I Made This
Like the title, just a simple map. Nuff' said. Nothing special really. Sorry I haven't been uploading much. Busy with other work I never got done....Date:11/05/14
Size:517.65 KB

you'll soon be dead
You find are on a UAC space station, when (suprise, suprise) you...Date:07/03/97
Size:25.19 KB
Author:B. Parker

The Shores of Phil
An episode 2 theme mapset in a somewhat classic...Date:01/15/11
Size:253.48 KB

Sillouhettes of Phobos
3 levels, plus 1 ULTIMATE DOOM bonus level....Date:07/22/96
Size:263.52 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Super Patate 2000 (Reqs Doom 1.666!!!)
Episode 2, Levels 1 through 8. There's not really any situation.. We just decided we were going to make a brand new episode, I just hope it makes the next "Complete Doom Accessory CD Volume IV"! Levels are fun, rather smooth on 386s, and small. Level...Date:05/21/95
Size:174.09 KB
Author:Pith Possum / Apocalypse / Golem

Kill and have fun! And avoid to be killed. That's no fun. :)...Date:10/23/05
Size:19.31 KB

Your Space Frigate is attacked and disabled and you are the only survivor of your crew (unless your playing coop). The bad guys are teleporting aboard whats left of your ship and your only chance is to grab your weapons and teleport down the nearest ...Date:05/30/05
Size:72.11 KB
Author:Whade Tweady

This wad is only 1 level of an eposode I have not made yet but I am currently working on it. I made this level with the Ultamite Doom. You start in the middle of a space station. there is one enemy ship on a docking bay. There are three prisons, a si...Date:05/24/96
Size:54.17 KB
Author:Jason Edgin

This is a level for E1L1 made like a space ship. The theme is Aliens, and really needs the alien sound effects and graphics loaded to get the full affect of the level. They can be found on most share point where Doom utils are ( ...Date:09/22/94
Size:89.21 KB
Author:Scott Nelson
Set the mood here....Date:09/14/94
Size:69.48 KB
Author:Your name here

This patch file is for E1M1. This level is designed for DEATHMATCH. There are some monsters if you want them. There is nothing very fancy about this level, its just good clean fraggin' fun....Date:09/07/94
Size:14.81 KB
Author:Andrew J. Hulme, School of Met. and Mat., University of Birmingham, B15 2TT. England

Tough level that I finally made too big to really make it fun for me. First level I ever made, so it will be hard to find a theme, other than total evil hardness....Date:10/09/12
Size:64.91 KB
Author:Stephen Senn

Space Base
A pretty average (not to mention small) WAD, except for the starting area. I think the start is astoundingly original, but then, I made it. (If you want to know more, play the WAD!)...Date:03/03/14
Size:18.76 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

Spd-e3m1 - A Doom 1 E3M1 remake
Short and simple, it's a remake of Doom 1s' map E3M1: Hell Keep. A few new surprises places that looked/played plain in the original is improved here....Date:12/11/07
Size:54.8 KB
Author:Da Spadger

One of my older maps, originally released in 2006. It's my own take on Doom 1s level E3M8: Dis. This one is harder than the original....Date:12/15/07
Size:7.82 KB
Author:Da Spadger

Pools of Sperm
See below for very short story...Date:09/20/94
Size:213.52 KB
Author:Ray Trochim

The Spider Drome (v1.0)
Spider contains one mission, features loads of secret doors and areas, new graphics, nicely aligned textures :-), never before seen room designs and some porn (gasp!), so if you are easily offended, PLAY IT!...Date:08/08/94
Size:165.64 KB
Author:Carl Tranter

The Spider Trap
A Marine "spider-trap" facility was overrun be demonic rescuers when their master, the Spider Demon, was caught. Now it is up to you to inflitrate and re-take the facility....Date:07/04/05
Size:27.23 KB
Author:James V. Kracht

It is a relatively simple WAD file designed using DoomEd v2.60B2 Cooperative and deathmatch implemented but untested. ...Date:12/28/94
Size:5.18 KB
Author:Neville Brabet

Large map, plenty of secrets & NUKAGE ! Replaces episode 3 level 1 just because I liked the sky texture in that episode....Date:07/04/05
Size:74.18 KB
Author:Jeff Ebert
Here's my very first complete original level ever. It's episode 2 level 1. It was created using DEU 5.0, and the bsp11x nodes-builder. It has only had a few hours of play-testing. These days I think deathmatch is the only game to play, and I t...Date:04/21/94
Size:28.99 KB
Author:Richard Krehbiel

A new episode. Not just original levels with 10 Barons of Hell on level 1! This might not challenge DOOM veterans very much. But, if you're like me, and just play DOOM for 5 minutes then quit, this is for you!...Date:06/21/94
Size:90.09 KB
Author:Mr. Micro

Crap Speedmapping Episode 4
Another fantastic piece of crap, a entire E4 replacement done in somenthing like 70 minutes, but there's no secret map, sorry... btw the story is the same old of the doom maps...Date:07/13/07
Size:79.71 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

spooky01.WAD, issue 1
A small, dark, gothic style doom1 map - 262kb when unzipped. I suggest you turn the lights down for this one. I have tried to create a genuinely eerie atmosphere - lots of long shadows, silhouettes etc. Just in case you don't have Ultimate Doom, I ...Date:11/05/98
Size:95.46 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

spooky02.WAD, issue 1
You need Ultimate Doom to play this. 257 kb when unzipped. A bigger though less detailed map than spooky01. Still very dark, lots of long shadows & images of death etc. SEND ME YOUR DEMO'S !!!...Date:02/17/99
Size:106.45 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

spooky03.WAD, issue 1
You need a registered version of Ultimate DooM to play this. 140 kb when unzipped. Hmmm....this one's not very Spooky at all - but what's in a name? Made in the classic "Ultimate DooM" style. No source port needed. SEND ME YOUR DEMO'S !!! (preferra...Date:03/24/99
Size:63.83 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

spooky04.WAD, issue 1
You need a registered version of Ultimate DooM to play this. 347 kb when unzipped. After the frantic 'Spooky03', a return to a more sinister atmosphere. SEND ME YOUR DEMO'S !!!...Date:04/10/99
Size:151.94 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

Spooky05.WAD, issue 1
You need a registered version of Ultimate DooM to play this. 286 kb when unzipped. This is (probably) the last in the 'SpookY DooM' series....... least for now. Enjoy! SEND ME YOUR DEMO'S !!! +++ SPECIAL NOTE FOR ZDOOM USERS +++ You m...Date:05/01/99
Size:115.25 KB
Author:Richard Wiles

Aliens have taken over the Phobes Sports Complex. You must clean out the bad guys, so we can once again have sports in Space!...Date:05/27/94
Size:53.47 KB
Author:Alan Retlick

Star Portal Return
3 map pack. See full text for details below....Date:10/23/16
Size:98.93 KB
Author:DarkWolf (Steven A. Martin)

Wellspring of evil
On a remote, class M planet, is a colony, established to manage an uncommon source of fresh water, a site known as Wellsping. The infection of Wellspring, by the evil minions of Satan has resulted in the seizure of the pumping plant. The plant's wate...Date:01/18/05
Size:102.27 KB
Author:Robert Whitaker

Monsters in glass cages...Date:09/15/94
Size:8.61 KB
Author:Craig Paskett Heath

PUNK.ZIP is a zipped PWAD-file, containing an entirely new map for level E1M1, made with DEU 5.0 ... I meant it especially for deathmatch-play; there's no exit, so you have to play till you drop! Especially -respawn is fun! Do you have the SPUNK...Date:05/12/94
Size:26.43 KB
Author:Richard Smol

Two levels with a square-shaped ground plan, just like the original E2M1 and E2M7. Same texture set through the whole level and some good architecture...Date:06/10/06
Size:53.62 KB

Squonkamatic's Ultimate DOOM WAD #1
Multipurpose single level DOOM1/Ultimate DOOM WAD with kind of a "base" theme ..... nothing special, exceptin' that it's my first serious attempt at editing a DOOM1 lev, and I really like the MIDVINE textures ... :-]-~...Date:08/17/99
Size:22.97 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

SR388 - Planet 3.4 *BETA 1* ^^^^^^^^
you are a marine sent to take over planet 3.4's SR388 spaceport. There are lots of cool stuff to see and do. This is just a beta, but mostly the levels are the only thing that's not complete. 5 are included. in each level, all mission objectives must...Date:10/01/96
Size:978.02 KB
Author:Lyndon Tremblay

This replaces SS27BETA.WAD which had a few crucial stuffups preventing 100% kills etc. sorry :( Ok, ok.. this isn't finished coz deu won't handle files of arbitrary size (yet). I thought it would be fun nevertheless so here goes. This s'possed to b...Date:05/17/94
Size:137.34 KB
Author:Stanley Stasiak

StarShip DOOM!!!
During a routine mission to the Federation outpost on Deimos, the Starship California was taken over by a evil race of aliens. To your surprise, they look much like the Hellspawn from your own world's past. As captain of your Starship you must protec...Date:07/12/94
Size:108.68 KB
Author:Douglas K McLemore
THis WAD replace E1M1 but you are free to use it as whatever level you like. It is fun as single player, not all THAT hard, and was designed with an eye for DEATHMATCH play. As such, all weapons are present, as well as a lot of "goodies". It is...Date:05/12/94
Size:38.94 KB
Author:Jason Whittington

You'll find one stair in the middle of this Pwad. There is no story behind it... and who cares anyway? Well, this Pwad is very big and also I dare to say very great because I spent so much time to correct every bug - like miss-alignments - and be...Date:06/21/97
Size:162.67 KB

A single room map, with all of the weapons, and tons of ammo, and a whole horde of monsters. A pretty big challenge for a player to finish (the beginning is pretty rough) in a single-player game, but I can do it, so you should be able to as well! =O)...Date:08/17/94
Size:29.32 KB
Author:Eric van Bezooijen

Size:25.88 KB

This is my third WAD file and I think my last one too. The idea came from my friend Jose Bono who wanted a large place to run in. Well I think I over did it. It is thought as a perfect Deathmatch site to play in. But creating it was ticket out of the...Date:05/13/05
Size:64.96 KB
Author:Gabriel Basco Guimaraens
this is a episode 1 level 1 replacement wad....Date:07/12/94
Size:34.58 KB

You're invited to a cookout. But this ain't no picnic! Prepare to fry some demonic butt as you claw your way out of the Star Chamber to find out what lies beyond. But keep an eye on your back, or you may be next on the spit! This is one of those in...Date:10/23/05
Size:151.94 KB
Author:Jim Allen

Station Zero
This is my very first released level. It's supposed to take place in a UAC military station that has been invaded by demons. Not much else to say, really. I hope you don't hate it too much, being it is my first released map... Oh, and, this is an o...Date:12/13/08
Size:30.17 KB

The genetic experiments at the Universal Acme Corp. have gotten out of hand. You must clean up the mess, find the computer control central, shut it down and destroy it. This wad shows off many of the neat things DOOM can do. Plenty of ammo and weapon...Date:12/16/03
Size:43.63 KB
Author:Russ Ringer

Station 12z
really simple SP map, with some good DM action included...Date:07/17/07
Size:26.24 KB
Author:Trev Primmett

The genetic experiments at the Universal Acme Corp. have gotten out of hand. You must clean up the mess, find the computer control central, shut it down and destroy it. This wad shows off many of the neat things DOOM can do. This is a polished wad wi...Date:10/14/94
Size:49.05 KB
Author:Russ Ringer

11th Hour Stauf Wad
A reproduction of the Stauf mansion from The 11th Hour: The Sequel To The 7th Guest. PLAY DEATHMATCH WITH MONSTERS. STAUF.WAD is for DOOM, STAUF2.WAD is for DOOM2, STAUFH.WAD is for HERETIC. Very simple. An example command line for DOOM is C:\DOOM>DO...Date:11/12/05
Size:58.96 KB
Author:Mitch Feldman

This patch file is for E1M1, although it is an adventure in itself!. Try it at first without the map or any cheats. It's my second attempt and things are hotting up... Have fun! No BFG or Rocket Launcher. No Spider demon or Cyber Demon ... perhaps ...Date:08/22/05
Size:40.03 KB
Author:Alan P Tye

This small wad is mainly ment for Deathmatch play, but it can be played as a one-player game too. Note that there is no exit in ...Date:08/13/94
Size:17.18 KB
Author:Antti Kuosmanen

The Stepper
As you gather your senses, you look around to see that you are in a small courtyard. You can see the exit, it is only a few yards away. You move towards the door only to find that there is some type of a force field preventing you from getting there....Date:06/19/94
Size:67.16 KB
Author:Norman Scott
This file was especially made for you deathmatch people out there. It's put in the medieval part of time with of course the good weapons. It has two towers with a cyberdeamon that can hit you on top of the towers. for use with the registered doom o...Date:05/12/94
Size:35.66 KB

Something Awful, part 3 - 7 + 6
So, in the 1st part of this map, the nameless hero (not Doomguy!) got to a teleport, which should have taken him to the rescue ship. But, if it did, there wouldn't be a part 3-7+6, would it? The hero appeared in a _very_ tight room, with a switch in ...Date:04/01/16
Size:93.81 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

Something Awful
OK, so... The year is 2147, the year when the events od DooM 1 and 2 occur. While the Doomguy is single-handedly participating in an unequal battle against the hordes of Hell, another marine is caught in the middle of this mess. He is not the Doomguy...Date:02/27/16
Size:82.4 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

Here is your standard E2M1ish looking level replacement with a tinge that it's not about the details of the level, but the gameplay. It might look like something from 1997-1998, but it plays well....Date:05/16/09
Size:30.84 KB
Author:Mr. Chris
Yet another WAD file designed completely from scratch. Designed with DEU 5.0, this WAD has some interesting rooms and traps. Enjoy!...Date:04/17/94
Size:36.41 KB
Author:Michael Kelsey

Somewhat moody; subdued lighting. A storeroom full of scattered boxes and monsters for a shootup, plus additional areas to explore, with a couple of puzzles thrown in....Date:05/18/94
Size:57.68 KB
Author:Sean R. Malloy

This was just a WAD I was playing with while I was reviewing a number of WAD editors. It is not designed to be in the least bit clever. It does, howver, have one remarkable feature. There is a room in which all the 'baddies' turn into nice guys, and ...Date:08/19/94
Size:3.32 KB
Author:Marc Young

Welcome to Training Level 1. You have just arrived at the new training base and have been assigned a light test to see how you fare in battle. If you pass you will continue being tested until you are ready for full combat. This test will NOT be easy,...Date:04/29/05
Size:18.8 KB
Author:Joel Lucsy

No- there are no strippers in this wad, but I got you to look at this, didn't I? As long as you got this far, you might as well play it. It works best as a deathmatch wad, but it's playable as a single player as well....Date:04/29/05
Size:14.63 KB
Author:Marty Magnini - Stairmaster
Nothing terriblely scarey, just a few barons, and some very tight stariwells, (i.e. calling it Stairmaster) Who needs elevators, real men/women take the stairs. Has secret stuff and teleporters....Date:04/05/06
Size:29.06 KB
Author:Andrew Murphy

You have just been dropped smack in the middle of the Demon's lair. If you can fight your way out of this level, you can try my next level (It'll be awsome!!) Hint: Don't fall off the window side of the bridge, there is no way up....Date:11/28/10
Size:59.67 KB
Author:Steve Vilotti (Bytor)

Enough tricks and traps to satisfy everyone... Quite possibly to first in a series of STUPIDx.WADs depending on feedback....Date:09/22/94
Size:46.3 KB
Author:Ian Pryde

Stay Frosty
You step quickly out of the Gate and quickly grab Ole' Besse, your faithful shotgun. You open the door and step out into the corridor with the feeling you're entirely alone.......Date:07/02/94
Size:21.35 KB
Author:Mike McGrath

STYX.WAD ver 1.1
I wanted to go for the WWII conquer the bridge theme on this WAD. I tried to keep the WAD as centralized as possible by transporting people out in to the middle of things so there will always be someone to frag....Date:06/14/94
Size:16.26 KB
Author:Shawn Luna

Size:85.47 KB

Nothing Special. A simple classic vanilla WAD for Doom or Ultimate Doom with no real story behind it. Just maps. Basically a compilation of some of my very old work, started in June 2003 and ended in December 2003 but never realeased. After 6 years, ...Date:06/20/09
Size:795.51 KB
Author:Nathan "Bishop" Chapman

A 5 level episode for Doom. There are 3 former NHFL maps and 3 new ones. For more info, read the story....Date:07/23/01
Size:380.56 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

Some Star Wars, some neatness. Have to to try it once. Main level is like a subway line, with stations. Has some optional puzzles....Date:05/12/94
Size:25.47 KB
Author:Greg B.

Demons have taken over the UAC Deimos subway. Your mission, clean out the stations and eliminate whoever is behind the invasion....Date:07/23/94
Size:152.93 KB
Author:Neal Ziring

Slaughter Until Death
Slaughter Until Death, new episode...Date:06/28/94
Size:566.79 KB
Author:The Innocent Crew

Another Hell at its finest With a few in your face Barons Of Hell That will Rip,Tear even Eat the skin off you body to keep you from completing this Suicide mission **** GOOD LUCK ****...Date:06/05/00
Size:125.46 KB
Author:Wes Burd Jr

SunGod 1.0
SunGod is a *very* large level created with DEU 5.21 GCC, BSP 1.2x, REJECT 1.0, MIDI2MUS & DMMUSIC. The architecture is creative & eclectic. You'll find all the weopons (eventually) and all the baddies to use them on. SunGod replaces E1M1 an...Date:08/22/94
Size:169.03 KB
Author:B4 Boredom

Cubos and Landing
Landing by Pedro Imaz Cubos by Jorge Llubi (Jorge Llubia, the SUPERWAD.TXT misses the 'a') --> e1m2.wad and e1m8.wad I don't know, which WAD is related to which author+title. :/...Date:08/04/06
Size:90.73 KB
Author:Pedro Imaz, Jorge Llubi (Jorge Llubia)

SUPPRSN.WAD (suppression of resistance.wad)
A group of unruly colonists and their demon masters....Date:05/22/94
Size:65.3 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

X-Rated This wad may be considered X-rated by some. In my opinion, the nude shot in the bedroom is no more X-rated than the violence of the game. If it offends you don't play this wad. This was my home and horse farm...until a UAC C147 attempting t...Date:06/30/94
Size:344.88 KB
Author:Larry Schaudies

New Levels for DOOM I Yes, there is a reason for this slaughter: You are part of an expedition to explore distant solar-systems with an earthlike condition. Good old earth is pretty rundown, so humanity needs a new place to stay. When your ship t...Date:02/01/95
Size:173.66 KB
Author:Knud Hinnerk Moeller

SURVIVAL.WAD 'Survival of the Fittest'
Pretty large replacement level for E1M1. Absolutely huge room in the SE corner, heh heh. If it's too hard for ya, try reducing the difficulty level... sissy. :) I left most of secret areas shown as yellow on the map... makes it a little more possible...Date:06/16/95
Size:51.4 KB
Author:Jay Ashworth

Only the strong survive
Ground up restoration of keeper.wad. Enhanced graphics, tougher battles, more puzzles and more (but not necessarily to many) monsters....Date:04/23/05
Size:73.79 KB
Author:Eric Varner

First attempt at creating a new level from scratch. It has lots of rooms, stairways, corridoors, traps, and oodles of monsters!...Date:06/03/15
Size:44.42 KB
Author:Peter "Pete" A. Schroeter

This is my first WAD released that focuses on the gameplay more than anything else....Date:03/23/20
Size:15.99 KB

Hello. I am a japanese doomer. This is a japan GP suzuka doom. Enjoy play this WAD....Date:01/19/97
Size:33.46 KB
Author:Yukio Ide (from Japan)

There are hostile activity on Deimos swamp. Explore buildings middle of the large swamp. Dangerous castle ahead!...Date:07/05/14
Size:117.81 KB

Figured out why I called it 'SWARM'? You will....(heh!)...Date:05/12/06
Size:15.67 KB
Author:Gerry Duggan (AOL screen name Sukker)

Short and sweet. Watch your back! Conserve rockets. Started as tutor level, and grew. May need tweaking. Will improve/add to it as time permits....Date:05/14/94
Size:10.42 KB
Author:James Bearden

Watch your back! I don't think ID intended you to think a lot when playing DOOM, so what little secret there is simple to find. Started as tutor level, and grew. May need tweaking. Will improve/add to it as time permits....Date:09/17/94
Size:73.08 KB
Author:James Bearden

Sweet-Death Wad
Ok, here's the revision to cwwad which I uploaded a week or two ago. It's much better than the original. It has been play tested for many hours between us DOOM freaks here at UR so there shouldn't be any bugs left. (except for the odd pit glitch, bu...Date:05/07/94
Size:19.55 KB

Size:60.51 KB

Lots of Switches
Just shoot every monster and try to find the right switch to bring down the red key in the yard. Elsewhere, look for secret rooms/passages. ...there are few of them....Date:11/15/94
Size:37.6 KB
Author:Lassi Ahola-Huhta

Sewer Control (release 3)
It seems a bunch of demons has invaded the sewer control system, and have plans to flood the city with raw sewage! After a bit of straw-drawing, you have been sent in to get rid of them. Unfortunately, they could only find a pistol to arm you with. Y...Date:03/03/14
Size:38.83 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

SYDoom v2.2
Size:229 KB
Author:Andrea Farnocchia. Mad Syd [IN䩚S BBs]

I tried to make this wad playable for everyone, easy to hard levels (not impossible), no places to get indefinately trapped, all textures match up, theres one place where there are switches but aren't shown as switches, this is intentional (they'r...Date:05/14/94
Size:37.89 KB

S.Y.S is a pwad file for the registered version of DOOM from ID Software....Date:05/13/05
Size:34.29 KB
Author:Roger Scudder

TAAWTS.WAD (Things Aren't Always What They Seem)
2 levels, plenty of ammo & power-ups (You'll need em), many puzzles, lots of new tricks, not for the squeamish. Designed for two players but OK with one or three. Simple hints - TAAWTS and - Have you hugged your CYBER today...Date:06/08/05
Size:107.81 KB
Author:Keith Sebesta

First non-trivial attempt at a level. Look at the end of this template for the backgrond story....Date:03/03/06
Size:26.92 KB
Author:Martin van den Nieuwelaar

I enjoy doom and figured I'd attempt to create a little wad. This wad created to play with my friends coop or deathmatch. We enjoyed it in that it is challenging alone or with several people. Have fun. Feedback appreciated....Date:06/08/94
Size:37.29 KB
Author:Ken Sumner

Welcome to talpoida.wad, my second wad and a continuation of the storyline first presented in uca.wad. If you're curious as to what the full storyline is, then I recommend getting a copy of uca. As for TALPOIDA, it replac...Date:05/19/94
Size:57.35 KB
Author:Eddie Nguyen

After the "Doom" incident an interplanetary war was sparked between the Humans and the creatures from Hell. You were sent on a mission to a major enemy military installation to gather intelligence....but you were captured. Sl`Tek Kor, Commander of th...Date:06/01/94
Size:23.15 KB
Author:Brandon Reinhart

You are a special forces commando ordered to UAC's...Date:08/18/94
Size:30.6 KB
Author:Artemis Entreri

Technology Dungeon
You have been captured by the Hell-Spawned Demons and have been locked in a modern dungeon. Now you must escape!...Date:07/20/95
Size:4.48 KB
Author:Bill Folck
This was originally just a setup for a Deathmacth level for myself and my murder-happy friends. I tried to add in some non-deatmatch componenets to make it more playable, however. The basis for this level is that it's a portiuon of my school's ca...Date:05/12/94
Size:35.49 KB

A unique deathmatch wad for Doom. Move forward to teleport to the right, move backwards to teleport left. This file is a Blast! 2 players is fun, but it really shines with 3 or 4. Constant movement is the key....Date:10/23/05
Size:6.71 KB
Author:David Davidson

A small level with some bosses....Date:05/12/06
Size:24.82 KB

Elaborate and colorful level, great gameplay. Must see....Date:07/16/08
Size:42.51 KB

The Big Temple
You are entering the big temple of DOOM. I have build a big temple room, and... other rooms to buils a DOOm level. I've tested it in 'Heart Me Plenty' diff. setting, but I know where are the monsters... so it's difficult to see if the difficulty leve...Date:06/19/94
Size:56.89 KB
Author:Thierry VERMAT

The nerdy archeologist & the Temple of Doom
A UAC church has been taken over! See below for more information....Date:09/21/98
Size:71.18 KB
Author:Peter Todd

TEMPLE11.WAD is a new WAD file for (registered) DOOM. It's not a large level, but it's tricky (grin). This WAD is intended for those who like panic situations but dislike (a) Oh! Another 247 cacodemons in this room. Ho hum! (b) Now let me see,...Date:05/12/94
Size:56.09 KB
Author:Mark Mackey

This wad is an original wad created using DOOMCAD 6.1 It took me about two months to complete in my spare time. When creating it I started with a single room and just kept adding stuff until I was satisfied (check out the throne room!). I designed it...Date:11/22/96
Size:43.01 KB
Author:Neil Glover

TEMPLE OF DEATH...Date:05/13/05
Size:15.41 KB

The Big Temple
You are entering the big temple of DOOM. This is the second and last version of TEMPLE After some reviews, I changed some rooms, added some others... I think it's a good single player WAD. It couls be a good Cooperative WAD ('cause I think it's a...Date:08/21/94
Size:60.63 KB
Author:Thierry VERMAT

Temple of Doom
A medieval style level with lots of green and a couple of huge rooms (check out the pentagram in the shrine room!). It's not one of those gigantic, brain bending levels, but I paid special attention to textures (just a few misaligned spots), light le...Date:04/04/96
Size:39.05 KB
Author:Ben Saylor

The Evergreen State College's campus
Here it is! The first compleate wad based on The Evergreen State College's campus. It's twice the size of the original release and a lot more detailed. It also has fully implemented difficulty levels and network play capabilities. I know a lot of the...Date:12/02/05
Size:35.39 KB
Author:Ben Newman

Test Level
a "refresher" level to help me get back into the swing of things for doom levels. Figured i'd start small, and work my way up. Enjoy it for the 1 minute you'll be playing it!...Date:06/26/06
Size:2.35 KB

Test 2 Kill (Saten's Training Grounds)
Your orders are to infiltrate and destroy Saten's inner-city training fortress. All of Saten's forces are trained here. As you make your way from the watch tower to each building you will not only encounter some training in progress but might actua...Date:08/16/94
Size:189.84 KB
Author:Matthew G. Hooper

The Evil Unleashed
The Evil Unleashed, new episode You need v1.666 to play this!!!...Date:10/01/94
Size:649.09 KB
Author:The Innocent Crew

Thy Family Consumed
I wanted to make a wad that would be a bit different from most wads around. There are others like this one, but not many... Besides, I really wanted to draw a toilet bowl (for more intelligent reasons, see Additional Info below)...Date:07/02/96
Size:30.72 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

The Floppy Wizard 1
For the more advanced single player....Date:08/08/05
Size:30.74 KB
Author:Gary T. Richardson

Training Ground of the Mad Overlord - 2
I'm experimenting a lot with textures and shadows. I also like BIG rooms....Date:06/08/05
Size:31.53 KB
Author:Bruce A. Bacher

Tough Guy 2016
Back when Doom was shiny, new and exciting, in June 1994, Rick Farmer released a level which he named TOUGHGUY.WAD. The main gimmick of the level were "silent teleporters". Kinda. The level came with a BAT file to replace the necessary sprites, but a...Date:11/04/16
Size:18.31 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

This level is base around a theatre. It includes satge, backstage, orchestra pit, trap doors, box office, circle, gods, boxes, stalls and toilets. It is very difficult....Date:02/22/08
Size:67.48 KB
Author:Simon Manton

The Cage
A conglomeration of things learnt using DEU and DCK. This has been a lesson in learning. From getting DCK not to add in the infernal lower sidedefs when I didn't want them, to getting the guy out during testing. This is not easy!. It requires quick m...Date:12/30/05
Size:26.32 KB
Author:Wild Man Of Borneo (Ah!, such a wheeze!)

A blast-fest ending level for Episode 3. Designed esp. for multi-player games with lots of monster action....Date:07/06/94
Size:10.86 KB
Author:Kevin Haley

The Gate
THIS WAD IS FOR DooM This wad has been created only for CoOp-playing with at least 3 players, but feel free to try it otherwise. This PWAD was designed with the original DooMstory in mind: As calm is around you, you decide to get away. But what's thi...Date:09/21/96
Size:343.47 KB
Author:"Die Sieben Maechtigen" [7M]: Philipp HAAG ( der RUSSE ) Mark Rossi ( CosmoCop ) both from Germany

The Hall
One of my favorites, "The Hall" features an enormous cross-shaped hall that's full of trouble. As soon as you open the first door, you'll be staring down the full length of the ominous hall. The red key will be easy to see, but not easy to get. The l...Date:02/16/11
Size:59.78 KB
Author:Kevin Eudy

The Demons' Hive
They're back. This time it's not the moons they are after, but Mars itself. There is a hive/colony on the surface, and you (lucky you!) have been chosen to lead the attack. But your company never made it down, and you are the only one left. You have ...Date:05/18/05
Size:139.82 KB
Author:Phillip Wayne

Size:61.4 KB

TheKeep2 is the final update of The-Keep.Wad. The medieval castle has few secrets to give away but playing a deathmatch can be fun. The chaingun appears to be the weapon of choice in this wad. There are two places now to pick it up. Thekeep2 is a c...Date:05/17/94
Size:37.14 KB
Author:Norman Scott

I have made a lot of quicky deathmatch and co-op levels. This is my first single- player level. I worked a LONG time on this level, and it's pretty big. It consists of 4 main areas. The first is the entance hall, the second is to get the keycard to g...Date:02/05/05
Size:64.74 KB
Author:Sean Swanson

A fairly large level. No Spider Demons, Cyber Demons or BFGs, just solid Dooming. Strategy is very important....Date:06/06/94
Size:59.95 KB
Author:Dave Sawford

The Maze
A maze-like doom level...Date:05/23/95
Size:34.02 KB

The Nest (Rocket Jones Vol. I)
Size:50.05 KB
Author:Joe Cates

The Nest
These are two levels, that are really fun to play with. [Note by the uploader: I recommend to play THENEST1.WAD and THENEST.WAD next to each other as an episode.] This is, from where they come from: These are WADs, that have been published on a BBS...Date:04/13/07
Size:116.87 KB
Here is a compact, intense level that I built use BEU5.0 and BSP11X. It is very violent. Lots of monsters, and lots of weapons to kill them with. There is a small amount of trickiness, but mostly this level will test your basic DOOM skills. There's a...Date:05/12/94
Size:26.09 KB
Author:Alex Siegel

THETA-4.WAD (new version)
Size:56.72 KB
Author:Michael Houston

Theta Base
A simple map in-E1M7-style, no scripts or whatsoever, it should rapresent an old style-base like those made by ID Software back in 1993. Hope you'll enjoy it....Date:03/03/14
Size:97.56 KB
Author:Claudio Sapere

Fight your way into the base then find the red key to leave. The harder the skill setting the more of the level can be accessed. If 'Eye In Symbol' things block your path then you can't access that part of the level on the current skill setting. The ...Date:08/04/06
Size:56.66 KB

Specifically designed 4 player deathmatch level (Fun single player too). Lotsa nooks and crannies....Date:05/19/94
Size:66.05 KB
Author:Dave Owens

Size:262.52 KB
Author:Stanislav V. Kucherenko
These should be quite easy to complete even with 100 % kills for experienced Doomers. They should also be accessible to less experienced Doom players... If you make use of your mind, you can even make them trivial... They are also intended as doom...Date:05/12/94
Size:17.86 KB
Author:Denis Auroux

The Hall Of Showdown
The story of this Pwad is as long as the Pwad is big. One day some years ago some friends and I, we discovered that there is a way to create own Pwads. We started to build some at once, and so I started to work on this file; only to try out some id...Date:06/21/97
Size:331.39 KB

A level for single and coop play....Date:06/16/05
Size:206.34 KB
Author:Patrick Woods

The troops the UCA sent into the Tibetan base failed to get past the helipad. Therefore it's up to you to crawl in through the caverns upon which the base was built. Within the caverns is a deserted monestary where the scientists, working at the base...Date:06/05/94
Size:148.7 KB
Author:Keith Sheehan

The Tiger Den
You are trapped in enemy land, a den of tigers. The only way to escape is to combat the enemies and steal their keys. Good Luck!...Date:02/24/05
Size:46.09 KB
Author:Jim Young

Timelessness (Tribute to Fear Factory)
Size:113.69 KB
Author:Andy Leaver

Terror Mall
A 4 level episode starting at e3m1 and finishing at e3m8. Unlike CPHOBOS, all of the secrets here have better hints to their existance. This episode has extensive new graphics and is built to look just like a mall with a new monster. Uses DeH...Date:07/01/98
Size:654.54 KB
Author:David G Shrock

TMP.WAD was the winner of a PC Zone Doom level creation competition in 1994....Date:04/19/11
Size:62.52 KB

Size:280.27 KB
Author:Toshihiro Nishimura(KYOTO,Japan)

Well, perhaps it's time to update this. No elaborate maps of New Jersey, no amateurish clipping errors to put up with... just a clean and slightly diabolical level for the dedicated Deathmatch player! A few secret passages provide opportunities fo...Date:05/12/94
Size:11.97 KB

There's no place like home.
You're sitting back in your easy chair relaxing by the fireplace and watching a star trek rerun on the tube when you get this eerie feeling. You look around the room which now seems unfamiliar and a horrible realization comes upon you... This isn't y...Date:05/17/94
Size:33.46 KB
Author:Steven L. Bareman

TNT (expletive)
Pretty large level with a few hard to find secrets. Try to find them without using an editor! Had fun creating it. Have fun trying for 100% everything. Can be done once you know the level well. Tip. Go behind each door you find....Date:09/25/94
Size:43.87 KB

The Imp Fiesta
* A large level. * There is a nice new idea: A TUNNEL (a bit like Alien...hum...) * Designed for very fast machines (minimum requirement is 66Mhz for a fluent game playing). Note that you should at least have a Pentium if you want it to be flue...Date:01/01/03
Size:82.47 KB

The Spring Ballad
* A very large level. * Designed for fast machines (minimum requirement is 50Mhz for a fluent game playing). * My first complete Doom level. * In order to fininsh the level, you don't need to discover any secet room, just go where you haven'...Date:01/01/03
Size:83.81 KB

"Dooming, yet more Dooming! Yes, but it's quality, "homemade", concocted with nothing but my little hands during long nightmare nights. The levels are completely new (no façade renovation of old stuff), and special care has been taken with the arc...Date:11/27/21
Size:58.01 KB
Author:Christophe DELATTRE

Throne of Hell
Size:1.89 MB
Author:Nathan Clark

Testament of Judgement I v0.2c (demo)
See STORY.TXT (not here yet!) for the story, but this will be a 36-level DooM1 WAD tailormade for Ultimate DooM version 1.9. This edition is the very first level E1M1 from the aforementioned WAD....Date:01/28/00
Size:97.79 KB
Author:S. Woodman

Size:587.21 KB
Author:David L. Hopkins the Second A.k.a. Pepe, a.k.a. Doom.

Simple first level....Date:07/19/94
Size:247.53 KB
Author:Joe Lawrence

This is the first WAD I've done with the always popular castle theme, so bear with me. This one has lots of torches (hence the name), marble all around and other castle-like features....Date:09/14/95
Size:50.96 KB
Author:Aaron Veenstra

[BBS file description:] TORCHLEV.ZIP 31317 02-02-95 A great setting for an action packed deathmatch, not too big, not too small. Stairs, doors teleporters and lifts. Playable with 1 player, needs texture alignment!...Date:04/13/07
Size:29.67 KB

Secret level made for the episode 2 replacement I am creating. Quick paced and fairly tight battles similar to the original E2M9....Date:08/07/09
Size:21.47 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

In the first level, there are many ways to go; Tackle it any way you want. The second level is full of surprises and VERY hard to complete if you're starting from scratch....Date:03/31/04
Size:70.63 KB
Author:Graham Keith

This level was primarily intended for solo. Deathmatch is supported. There are many ambush points and ways to double back on your opponent so you should use most of them when playing. (Especially helpful for those demons who like to follow you!) DONT...Date:10/23/05
Size:68.25 KB
Author:Marc Norris
This level is my first, and as such was designed to demonstrate an idea I had to simulate 3D play by silencing the teleporter and making the destination look like the jump point. Once I demonstrated that it worked I made a hardcore shotem' up because...Date:06/27/94
Size:18.43 KB
Author:Rick Farmer

The Tower
On a strange watery asteroid far far away there is a tower. The population of the asteroid consists of the incorrigible culls of an advanced genetic science. Can you scale the tower and press the auto-destruct switch? Not unless you're good... You wi...Date:11/29/04
Size:201.65 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Episode 3 level 1 has always been kinda lame for me. Not much happening there....and the only way to crank it up a little was to hurry thru it. TOWER.WAD replaces E3L1 with what I attemped to be a "classic" type of DOOM level. Check out the "BARON TU...Date:05/23/94
Size:55.37 KB
Author:Chris Kendall

This is my first attempt at a Doom level. It's currently beta version .53, and not setup for deathmatch or multi player. It's got one trap which requires restarting and one which kills you no matter what... So lemme know what you think......Date:10/23/05
Size:28.31 KB

The BIG BOYS of hell make another go of it by building a tower that goes for Earth to hell and back (my own idea for DOOM!II Not that I'm not looking forward to ID's release). You, a highly skilled dog of war, **at least you should be by now*** are a...Date:07/20/94
Size:81.07 KB
Author:Mike Marino (A.K.A) (the Real) DARKMAN

Destroy the minions of Hell who have overrun a town. Intense house-to-house fighting, with a few puzzles and obstacles. "Professionally designed"...Date:07/17/94
Size:36.69 KB
Author:Kevin Haley Bill Courneya

Town of Death (Gee, thats original :))
You are in a town, with a guard tower, lots...Date:05/12/96
Size:36.91 KB
Author:Gordon Jamieson

Space Marine Training Facility V2.0
The leaders of the Federation anticipating the possibility of an assult by the Denziens of Hell have constructed a training facility. The facility has been stocked with all weapons and plenty of ammo to train a marine in the use of various firepower....Date:09/07/94
Size:26.49 KB
Author:Jon Oden

Training II
After fighting your way through the first infested level of the UAC's corrupted training program, you discover little clues as to why your here or what they want from you. Now your on the second level of the program, and it looks as if this will be a...Date:05/19/05
Size:64.74 KB
Author:Ramsey Hanafi, aka Anakin (Boston dwango) or Gamer X (compuserve)

Space Marine Training Facility
The leaders of the Federation anticipating the possibility of an assult by the Denziens of Hell have constructed a training facility. The facility has been stocked with all weapons and plenty of ammo to train a marine in the use of various firepower....Date:07/30/94
Size:26.91 KB
Author:Jon Oden

Hellish Training (Mission Impossible ?)
As a new enlistee in the UAC, you must go through basic training. However, the forces of Hell have decided to direct their attack on the UAC headquarters. Their first target, the training grounds. Looks like it is a baptism in fire for you, the new r...Date:03/12/95
Size:25.04 KB
Author:Chad Purser

The Training Session
An update of Training.WAD [old version included in]. Fixes some bugs and some minor touch ups. The UAC has genetically engineered the foes you met in hell from Top Secret Samples they obtained in controlled tests of teleportational ga...Date:05/19/05
Size:60.01 KB
Author:Ramsey Hanafi, aka Anakin (Boston dwango) or Gamer X (compuserve)
This is a moderately difficult level, although different skill levels are implemented. It features a broad array of monsters and weapons, with just enough health to get you through the rough parts. A few nifty effects can be achieved with barrels,...Date:05/12/94
Size:30.46 KB
Author:Greg A. Lewis

A largish level, with monsters from lots of unexpected places, and a few cool ideas to show off, including some nice light- sourcing (sort of). This is a level to make the cautious wary, and the brash, dead. To set the scene, read the story at the en...Date:05/10/94
Size:52.56 KB
Author:Greg Lewis

Night falls as you prepare to enter another base on Phobos. This base was built right into the hills, and uses a lot of natural caverns in it's design. Three levels of great fun and interesting designs. These levels are best for non-deathmatch play, ...Date:06/13/94
Size:277.43 KB
Author:Greg Lewis

TRENCH WARFARE! An incredible DEATHMATCH adventure. Hunt down your buddies in an intricate maze of trenches, while seargants and imps shoot at you from above. Watch out for baddies in the trenches too. No, we didn't overload the level with bad guys, ...Date:05/14/94
Size:30.68 KB
Author:Joshua Lehrer Fabian Tillier

This is basically an unfinished wad. I wanted to have some outside input. I plan on expanding the level and maybe adding more levels. This all depends on time and if I can figure out a good theme for my doom world. If you have any comments / flames p...Date:07/11/94
Size:17.54 KB
Author:Douglas K McLemore

Deathmatch wad. Small, intense. Lot's of little gadgets and holes to have fun in. Layout is based on a giant triangle, with many other polygons thrown in. This wad is perfect for two person combat....Date:08/24/94
Size:34.89 KB
Author:Alex Siegel

A good 2 player cooperative wad. Has many tricks in it, no secrets , and a lot of killing....Date:03/31/95
Size:16.94 KB
Author:Don Metzler

A tricky little WAD to stimulate the senses. NOT!! From the double staircases to the nukage sewer, this WAD is nothing fancy. However, there is one Best way and with just enough life in you to make it I hope you find it TRICKY too....Date:03/03/06
Size:36.65 KB

Three highly playable levels created to try out some ideas....Date:05/23/95
Size:218.25 KB
Author:Chris Spain

Tri-mangle (DOOM I - E1M1)
Tri-mangle is a fairly challenging level and we feel that it looks pretty damn good too! It received it's name because of several triangle shaped rooms we used....Date:07/31/95
Size:54.36 KB
Author:Ron Hughes Kevin Krupa

This is my 2nd .WAD file and I feel it's tons better than my first. In this one, you better have the sound effects on to hear all the doors opening somewhere where you're not. Again, even with the cheat codes, not counting the No Clipping Code, y...Date:10/12/94
Size:33.28 KB
Author:Larry Wangemann

A small Doom level...Date:05/14/08
Size:27.74 KB
Author:Sam Stackhouse

The True Test
You are heading down the secret hallway leading to the teleporter back to Earth. As you make your way to well-earned freedom, you wonder why it seemed so easy to waste the mighty Spiderdemon? Just then, a ghostly apparition appears in the corridor ah...Date:03/03/06
Size:206.34 KB
Author:Anthony Klein

Train Station: Episode 1
NOTE: Please be aware that this is not 100% complete. Not all of the maps have wehi (weapons, enemies, health, items). I made this map pack for a forum I was on during 2009. The forum host and I were the only ones active and we went our separate wa...Date:01/05/17
Size:253 KB

Theme Shock
Your mercenary company has been hired by 'the company' to put down a rebellion on a Scientific Colony (specializing in genetic research). After fighting off meager resistance on the surface, you find your way down to the central bunker, location of t...Date:09/04/95
Size:72.76 KB
Author:Bill Lachance

A good sized level in a type of waste plant. Uses mainly the STARG-texture set. Contains some good architecture and lots of enemies. Note: This level has nothing to do with the original E2M1, I'm just not very creative in naming my levels......Date:06/10/06
Size:41.7 KB

Todd's Terror Level 1
I came up with the idea for this level as I was talking to some friends. This is the first of what I hope to be many levels in my quest to develope DOOM levels. I used a DOOM EDITOR called DoomEd - The Real Thing by Geoff Allan. I was going to add so...Date:02/10/05
Size:35.67 KB
Author:Todd Prince

CHUD: The wadfile.
Size:143.82 KB
Author:Bilbo (Brad Spencer) & Reepicheep (Paul Medynski)

You are a hyper-cool tech-warrior who likes to kick demon ASS! Since you had nothing to do after your last mission, which involved destroying an entire solar system of tards and mutants, you chose to infiltrate a fu'ped space base in so...Date:05/12/94
Size:18.64 KB

Lately, the sewers beneath the moonbase you are stationed at have been acting oddly. No plumbing works, the base is overheated, something isn't right. Then earlier this morning, a man was pulled through his shower drain by something... it wasn't a pr...Date:05/23/05
Size:27.63 KB
Author:Tim Cuozzo

The Tunnel Complex
Not much more than a typical PWAD. If you can find maze, there are deadly traps within. Beware of the switchs you push. One sec- ret is really hard to find. Another clo- ses after you walk through a door (which closes too- to mask the other). The oth...Date:02/14/98
Size:57.82 KB
Author:Matthew Ferreira

You find yourself deep inside a nuclear sewage complex, with radio active sludge all around you. You must fight your way through, finding radiation suits along the way to make your journey a little easier. When you get to the tunnels, you will have t...Date:06/01/05
Size:124.84 KB
Author:Neil Riehle

Turbo Lifts
This is my First level that I designed myself.. this is kind of a test level to see the full cababilities and ideas that I can use in my future levels.. Don't expect anything special but.. have fun.....Date:08/11/94
Size:17.14 KB
Author:Dark Knight

I made this wad using "Doom Cad" for windows. It may seem small in size, but it is pretty big I think for my first wad. To run it you must have the registered Doom... Because it is episode 2 level 1, Sorry but thats the only way I could save it. Try ...Date:11/16/04
Size:12.77 KB
Author:Troy Ochs (SONNY)

All original "Made from scratch" level with lots of lifts, triplines, stairs and doors. Designed to be a solo or cooperative level but could be edited into deathmatch without much difficulty. Purposely, dark and confusing. Lots of monsters, lots of a...Date:11/28/10
Size:39.59 KB
Author:Phil Pesano

Twilight Version 1.0
This WAD was created with the basic idea of E4M1 from Ultimate DOOM v.1.9 in mind, but is not meant in any way to look too much like it. It doesn't. This level is pretty hard, but playable. If you're not a pro then I ****STRONGLY**** suggest you star...Date:01/07/97
Size:30.72 KB
Author:Nick Gawel (Don't ask how it's pronounced) AKA "Meat-Grinder"

Tyros Scenario v 0.15
4 DOOM I single player levels by me...Date:06/30/98
Size:91.87 KB
Author:Georg Walther

The Definitive T_DUNNxx.WAD Series - For Doom
Well here tis, pretty much all my work that ive done since i bought Doom in 94. Whats here is the stuff that was release-able or finished... alot of better stuff never got off the ground... doh! E2M9 is multiplayer specific. Remember to check out T_D...Date:06/22/97
Size:157.2 KB
Author:Travers Dunne & Alister Dunne

UAC Head Quarters Copyright, Gordon Mulcaster, 1994
You must infiltrate UAC-HQ, and find the main computer center to get the access codes for a shuttle so that you can get off Earth. (See the full story in UAC-HQ.TXT) (Also see the play notes in UAC-HQ.TXT)...Date:10/28/94
Size:155.62 KB
Author:Gordon Mulcaster

The UAC Base -- Doom 1 version
Communications have ceased coming in from a major UAC military base/supply depot/ refueling center in North America. Also, before this happened, the base's chief administrator filed some classified reports with UAC headquarters. These reports express...Date:05/30/95
Size:138.93 KB
Author:Brian J. "B.J. Blazkowicz" Rowan

See for your self!...Date:11/01/95
Size:14.17 KB

UAC Mine
This was meant to be a full Vanilla Doom episode replacing episode 2, but I lost intrest... It's in the style of episode 2, early levels I made (like a year ago). Thee quality is good, but it's nothing hugely special....Date:05/22/03
Size:211.09 KB
Author:Lexus Alyus

* The Story: *...Date:04/24/05
Size:134.38 KB
Author:The Mad Hacker

The Sewers of the UAC
The UAC (The guys that sent you up to Phobos to shovel raw sewage) have found that they have been loosing contact with a lot of their employees in the sewers of their main facilities on Deimos. You have been selected to find out what in HELL is going...Date:03/23/96
Size:234.54 KB
Author:Tim Jones

Doomsday of UAC
Earth date December 10, 2010. Location UAC branch of Jakarta, South East Asia. Local Time 18:35. Monsters from hell just spawned in UAC complex. UAC has deployed their truck to pick you up, along with your 5 other pals to help them. But the only pers...Date:06/23/94
Size:148.16 KB
Author:Leo Martin Lim

UAC_DEAD patch for ZDoom
Even UAC_DEAD.WAD is a milestone you should'n miss, it uses a feature which was removed in Ultimate Doom, unfortunately. Even worse, there is no source port available, which can play UAC_DEAD correctly without slight modifications. This is a simple w...Date:04/13/04
Size:1.8 KB

UAC Space Marine Training
Basically, you're a grunt trying to get through the UAC Training Course and join the elite Space Marines. The complete story is included in this zipfile. This patch is both a PWAD and a .DEH file; DeHackEd ver. 2.1 is included. This is my first PWA...Date:12/09/94
Size:128.97 KB
Author:Dirk Tebben

The Ultimate Battles
The Hell-spawn are a little POed with you. First you defeated them on Mars' moons and in Hell in DOOM, stopped their invasion of Earth in DOOM2, and destroyed their gates in The Final DOOM. Now they've taken revenge. They killed your family and your ...Date:02/25/97
Size:25.69 KB
Author:Matt Walter

Deimos Moon Base, Anguilla Crater
Welcome to This mission replaces e2m1. This is also the first WAD I've constructed, using DEU5.1 and BSP1.0. I hope you enjoy it. If so, or if not, please give me feedback so I know how to make my next one even ...Date:06/06/94
Size:67.41 KB
Author:Eddie Nguyen

Ultra Doom (Later to be renamed)
/story Yes, that dreaded "S" word... Story. After saving earth twice and Jupiter once (Final Doom), you are aging. Seems...Date:12/03/96
Size:13.25 KB
Author:Chris Welch

Undeath '94
Remake of Doom, based on 1994 deathmatch levels. (see end of this file for story)...Date:01/08/17
Size:756.52 KB
Author:C30N9, ChaingunnerX, hex11, Jaws in Space, joe-ilya, Memfis/kuchitsu, TheNebulousThinker, walter con

Ultimate Doom The Way id Did
The Ultimate instalment in the TWiD series of WADs, comprising nine levels that were designed by a hand-picked team to both look and play as though they came from the minds of Romero, McGee, Green, Anderson and Willits. * Liberties have been taken ...Date:02/16/19
Size:720.54 KB

Ultra Anomaly
The conclusion to Phobos Anomaly in a slightly grander scale in terms of design and end episode opposition....Date:02/21/14
Size:17.18 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Every Part of the Buffalo / The Ultimate UnAligned
Every Part of the Buffalo is a large Episode 4 map constructed out of 25-30 scrapped speedmaps I made between 2007 and 2009. All thrown in a blender and heavily reworked, now they serve as the 128th and final map in my UnAligned series. Included in...Date:12/09/21
Size:479.83 KB

Ultima 1
This .WAD file was created based on the Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss (Copyright Origin 1992). The level is quite big and my best time for completion is around 22 min. I'm sure with practice you can easily beat that. I've taken the time to impl...Date:10/08/94
Size:53.65 KB
Author:Jon Charlson (Chaff)

This is a group of nine made from scratch levels for Doom. Most every level has about 200 sectors and an average of 25 sector tags. I tried to line up the graphics as well as possible so everything looks like IDs. Everything is unpegged or offset so ...Date:10/09/94
Size:393.08 KB
Author:Sean Powers

Additional Notes: ULTIMO is the ultimate DOOM treat - prepare to die ('cause it isn't easy). I designed it as a single player WAD really, but the 'start things' are in for all other modes of play. It takes me about one hour to complete all three le...Date:05/14/05
Size:135.13 KB
Author:Steve Phelan

A fun to play WAD with 'LAND OF LORE' as text in the automap....Date:04/13/07
Size:50.22 KB

Ultra Doom
Set the mood here....Date:09/17/96
Size:391.78 KB
Author:Scott Manganello

Okay, this is the ultimate challenge for those Doom-Freaks crying for BLOOD!!!! This is my first level, beginning is good, but the longer you fight the better the challenge. It is designed for Ultra-Violence-Punks, so all whimps (remember - only whim...Date:07/26/94
Size:104.68 KB

Under The City
You've wiped clean the city, but you realise there's more awaiting down below. You climb down the nearest drain and find the door into the sewers. Carefully you open the door and go through. They haven't noticed you yet. Time to kick ass......Date:05/14/05
Size:65.63 KB
Author:Mark Matheson

Underground Maelstrom
This level really kicks ass. It's a bit HUGE though. Even if you know what you're doing, it probably would take a good hour or so to complete. PLEASE PLEASE try it the first time WITHOUT the Doom cheaty codes. We dare ya to. And remember, SAVE OFTEN!...Date:09/22/95
Size:160.04 KB
Author:SiNGE (Nick Bousman) (With help from Fimm)

Size:60.46 KB
Author:Brian Plumb

large custom PWAD. May run a bit slow on some systems....Date:09/27/94
Size:83.98 KB
Author:Eliot G. Mah

My First Doom Level
It's nasty, barbaric, and I don't quite know why I made it. It's also one of the few wads made recently (I think) that doesn't require God mode to win it or enjoy it....Date:04/13/07
Size:14.98 KB
Author:Adrian Roselli

This is a very small part of the Universitaet-Gesamthochschule Siegen. It is my first DOOM-Level and took a lot of time to build it....Date:01/25/98
Size:125.78 KB
Author:Andreas Schmidt

Unko Yarou
Size:54.79 KB

A small and easy map for Ultimate Doom, better to play it on U-V...Date:05/21/14
Size:125.39 KB
Author:Gwenvael Le Bihan (subject_119)
Well, after many hours of learning how to run the deu5.0 editor, this is the level that I came up with. This is the first level of the first mission....Date:04/17/94
Size:53.05 KB
Author:Bart Wilson

Urban Nightmare
The Apocalyspe has finally come to pass... all of Earth lies in ruin after a world-wide nuclear war. You are a lone infantry soldier who has managed to survive. You were lucky (depends on how you look at it) to be in an underground bunker when a nuke...Date:02/20/95
Size:168.49 KB
Author:C. Bradford Rose

(You might remember this level as DETHE1M1. I've finally decided on a theme for my episode, so I added some graphics and here it is. I changed alot of stuff, and made the level a little more interactive. If you liked DETHE1M1, then you'll love Urban ...Date:06/06/94
Size:114.69 KB
Author:Frederick J. Bradley with Robert Bradley & Ryan Louie.

URE2020: Unexpected Retro Experience
The WAD file accompanied by this readme file contains the "heavily, yet sensibly" improved maps from "199X" and also re-integrates all the (reasonable) ideas that were lost in 2010. The plan had always been to eventually replace all three (or, I gu...Date:04/15/21
Size:3.12 MB

This level is designed for a single player, although cooperative play is also good. I've tried to throw a little bit of everything in here. You may have to die quite a few times before you can make it all the way through. ** Hint ** I believe it is s...Date:10/29/04
Size:31.75 KB
Author:Charles Michel

You are radioactive now!
You have fallen into a waste-storing facility by complete accident! There's not much in the way of protection (ONLY 1 RADIATION SUIT!), so you're gonna have to trudge through a lot of nukage without protection to get out of here. Difficulty setting...Date:02/13/22
Size:76.51 KB
Author:Albin Persson (Alper002)

USQ IRC goes Hogwild
This WAD is a representation of the Uni of Southern Queensland refec/library/thingo builing in which i spend most of my time. Yay! Now i can go places no student has been before. Ideal deathmatch wad if opponents can agree to stick to certain areas (...Date:09/29/94
Size:45.64 KB
Author:Chris Willacy

Until the day you die
Four DooM maps, in the original DooM style. Map E1M5 is inspired by E2, the other maps by E1. E1M5: Botanic Biosphere E1M6: Supply Station E1M7: Alienation Zone E1M8: Intrusion Zone...Date:05/02/12
Size:120.81 KB

Fourth in a series. You broke out of prison in "Prison Escape. You took out "The Star Chamber", The super secret organization That put you there. You then went "Back to HQ", and found out it had been taken over by a one world group. After regaining c...Date:05/12/05
Size:64.44 KB

This is my first level. I wish I would have started on this a bit later, then this would be a Doom II WAD. Anyway, the Underworld has a few rooms that are packed with baddies, so be careful where you step; and if you do, be ready (patient) for what c...Date:01/29/95
Size:126.32 KB
Author:Eddie E. Easterly, IV

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