Filename: levels/doom/s-u/sanctum.zip
Size: 26.2 KB
Date: 01/17/05
Author: Glenn Geiss
Description: Replacement level for DOOM
Base: New from scratch New level designed and playtested
Build time: Approximately 30 hours
Editor(s) used: DOOM CAD ver 4.3
Bugs: None that I know of
Rating: (4 votes)
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Sui Generis
This is a relatively good old map. Set in a fairly standard startan base, the map stands out as above average due to it's interconnection and it's interestingly designed areas. I found the method of accessing the blue key slightly obtuse (shoot a skull switch to lower a platform - automap use is also helpful) but otherwise this is short and enjoyable, with variety in height, light levels and interesting rooms/areas. With better texturing and perhaps more size, this might've been a minor classic. Try it!x
Agreed with the previous reviewer the textures might be haphazardly placed in some areas but overall the rooms are of good quality. The areas still look rather simple however and the map is kind of short, but it really does not matter as the gameplay far outweighs the negatives that this map has unlike most 94 wads. Overall I really enjoyed playing this short little map and will award it 3/5x
For a level from November 1994, this is quite good, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's still a bit crude in places, and there's an acid pit that unexpectedly doesn't hurt, and you can get stuck, but it's better than a lot of levels from 1995 or even 1996. There's a nice and surprisingly hectic final battle, too.x

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