Title: Satan's Summer Mansion
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/satansmn.zip
Size: 134.62 KB
Date: 08/17/12
Author: R. Allen Gilliam
Description: Satan's Summer Mansion. May 1996. A single level pwad for Doom 1.666 by R. Allen Gilliam. Pink Floyd music, multi-skill levels, deathmatch, traps, clever secrets with clues. Includes a demo lmp of me completing it at the highest skill level, which is damn near impossible!
Credits: Makers of Doom Construction Kit, DMMUSIC, DMGRAPH, and of course ID Software.
Base: None
Build time: Too long. Months. But it was a learning experience!
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.x
Bugs: Minor "hall of mirrors", but I refuse to simplify it!
Rating: (5 votes)
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Who gives a crap? If he's rich,I'd marry him!x
Dated May 1996 you start out in a room telling you the map name, mapper etc. First thing I thought of when I played this map was the 90's Internet with it's poorly designed webpages with flashing colours and bad text formatting. Why you ask? Well it's simple this map is typical of early doom wads from the 90's with poorly designed rooms, bad texturing, an exit switch that looks like a door, a mini maze, 3 supercharges in the map, lack of ammo to start with etc. 1/5 only because it is not the worst one.x

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