Filename: levels/doom/s-u/shepherd.zip
Size: 32.29 KB
Date: 06/10/06
Author: Scott W. Shepherd
Description: This is my first PWAD and while not the most flashy, it is solid. As far as I know it has none of the STUPID door and texture mismatches that make me want to scream and flame the author. Also, I kept it under a 100K and didn't include any CyberDemons or Spiders.
Credits: Brittany - my daughter (5 years old) for playtesting the easiest difficulty setting. Ed A. - my DeathMatch playtester and whipping boy!
Base: From scratch without a plan!
Build time: Forever - 40+ Hours
Editor(s) used: Waded V1.17, BSP, and Reject V1.1. Waded worked great except you can't preview the textures.
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Above reviewers are unduly harsh, I think. It's hardly the best thing to come out, visually or play-wise, but it's somewhat fun and doesn't look terrible. Certainly better than most of the dreck from its era. In addition to the swastika, there's also a little nukage pool that forms a hand flipping the bird at you if you look in the automap.x
The fact that the author is a registered Civil Engineer doesn't prevent him from designing crappy WADs. Hey, after all he must design the "serious" stuff when at work, this is just a way to "let go" ;-)x
This is from June 1994. The designer says that "it has none of the STUPID door and texture mismatches that make me want to scream and flame the author", and inevitably the very first thing you see is a texture mismatch. There's a swastika floor design near the start, but that doesn't mean the author was a bad man. The level is pretty poor; it boils down to a handful of simplistic rooms with a key in each room, and then you flick the exit switch. Dolphin bag.x

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