Title: Texture showoff
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/showoff.zip
Size: 21.82 KB
Date: 03/03/14
Author: Martin Bazley
Description: Designed mainly to show red and silver textures, but there are a few monsters to make it single player.
Credits: Christopher Bazley, for implementing the level Lee Noar (RISC OS Deth) Eddie Edwards/Justin Fletcher (RISC OS Doom)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deth v3.92 (RISC OS Port v1.00)
Bugs: None
Rating: (2 votes)
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Hmm... Looks imho to me like an I'm-trying-some-simp le-map-building-tech niques testwad for internal use only. Try it if you cannot resist very simple 1994-style maps with al its flaws, else skip it.x
I thought it was impossible to get 100% kills on this map but it turns out you can if you provoke monster infighting. This is actually more playable than I remember, but probably of little interest to anyone outside my family. Disclaimer: I implemented this for my brother 15 years ago but it is in no way my design.x

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