Title: Soaked in Blood
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/sib.zip
Size: 634.58 KB
Date: 08/29/21
Author: T.Will
Description: A simple TWID-inspired Episode 1 replacement. What started as just one map to challenge myself to adhere to Doom 1's limitations became a whole episode. Ultra-Violence is the preferred difficulty though feel free to pick what suits your skills. Co-op and deathmatch are also available to play. Have fun!

The Story: It's been centuries since the days of Hell on Earth, and now no one remembers it. However, the People of the World's Social Union has found the abandoned Phobos base of the dismantled UAC. With current "labor shortages" withstanding, you have been sent in as the only person to clean up the base and help institute the People's Base of Phobos. What could go wrong?

Map Information:

E1M1: Last map made. This is essentially a remix of the original E1M1 with more of an emphasis on deathmatch. While derivative, it packs a nice Doom 1 punch and the deathmatch is fun.

E1M2: This one plays simply but with a few surprises. See it as the point where the Episode develops its identity.

E1M3: The first map made for this. It was meant to be a one off to see how Doom 1 mapping would feel, but the positive response spurred on the rest of the maps. Still one of the best in the set in my opinion.

E1M4: This was designed with a gimmick: Hitscanners are in areas you (mostly) cannot reach. This gimmick was primarily for single segment but still beatable from pistol start. It's all about the action. Maybe not the most thrilling but just simple fun.

E1M5: I'll admit I was not feeling this one. It just seemed to be missing something when I was making it, and it probably went through the biggest changes after playtesting. The combat was made more varied and the pathing was touched up to not be too linear (though I do understand that criticism might still apply). It's better than the original version though it's the weakest in my opinion.

E1M6: I spent a lot of time thinking how to make this a big and explosive map. It didn't entirely end up that way, but it ended up one of my favorites. A map where you can go ham on the demons that has some more interesting use of verticality

E1M7: As this was the first map made after the positive response of the original standalone E1M3 & E1M9, I wanted to put a challenge on myself. Create something more nonlinear and have more texture cohesion. I think it paid off with the keys each having two paths to travel if so desired.

E1M8: With the final level, it was time to throw a few more curveballs to end it with a bang. Short but snappy and probably the hardest map though that's not saying a whole lot.

E1M9: This came from the suggestion of FrancisT218s to pair an E1M9 to E1M3 and for it to be some sort of gimmick map. Immediately I thought of Cat and Mouse from Doom 64 and whipped this in about five hours (though I did do some tweaks and adjustments well after) The main problem to solve was having an Episode 1 map to give the player a BFG. It was risky so I played it safe by giving just enough ammo to perfect two-shot the Cyberdemons for UV-Maxers.
Credits: Playtesters: Bobby "lolmcswagger", DCG Retrowave, ZeMystic, EggBoy, FrancisT218s, Egg Boy, Raiva, Jimmy, Skronkidonk
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3 Months
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Slade 3
Bugs: E1M8 Deathmatch has to potential to softlock.
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