Title: Sewers of DOOM v1.00
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/sod100.zip
Size: 98.99 KB
Date: 08/20/95
Author: John B. Williston
Description: It is a little known fact that the moonbase providing the setting for the first DOOM episode (Knee Deep in the Dead) has an extensive waste disposal system. Said waste disposal system went to Hell (pun intended) when the moonbase was invaded, however, leaving sloshing pools of green yuck all over the place. You beat the baddies in the moonbase and wrestled Hell itself to its knees; are you ready for the next challenge? The sewers are clogged with hellspawn, and you've just been named plumber. Guess that cushy desk job will have to wait a wee bit longer...

The moonbase sewer system was designed long after it was built, and has suffered greatly from recent neglect. Emergency doors in some places have all but closed off vital sections, resulting in a tangled maze of tunnels. Power has been mostly restored thanks to the tireless efforts of Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) engineers, but the computer core is still down. Your mission is simple: kill everything that moves, pick up everything that doesn't, and get out alive.
Credits: My wife beauty under pressure Rick Prins suggestions Steve Hoek beta testing/suggestions Tim Walker suggestions
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Only DCK and DEU were up to the task
Bugs: (if I know 'em, I squash 'em!)
Rating: (4 votes)
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Well above par for 1994, no HOMs or bleeding sectors. The texturing is a little plain, but certainly not awful or anything. I spend about 10 minutes here for the life of me could not fin the red door - but I enjoyed it quite a bit. John Williston went on to make WadAuthor, the best editor around before Doom Builder came out. 3.5*x
Yet another level with "sewer" in the title, although this was was made by a Christian. The level is dated Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve, 1994; it's typical of the period, with angular random-looking walls which use one single texture throughout (green stone), and a layout that involves a lot of wandering. But there are a couple of good bits - a flashing stairway with lots of monsters on it, and a giant room with a funky symbol. Still very dull, though.x

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