Title: SoftChoice goes to hell!!!
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/softhell.zip
Size: 41.58 KB
Date: 06/13/94
Author: Christian Antkow
Description: It's happened. SoftChoice Corporation's facade has been broken and revealed to be the true hell that it really is (THIS IS A JOKE DAVE!!!)

Watch out for the CyberLord. There's ALOT of room for him to walk around in, so look out for him once you "activate" him...

If you've played SCC2.WAD, you already know this WAD is HUGE!!! Check this one out... The same thing, just better textures (I think), more secrets... Just check it out...

Oh yeah! And in response to public outcry over lack of EXIT signs, I've conformed and put one in.
Credits: Andrew Moore for helping me test out this level (amoore@softchoice.com)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Sleep? What's sleep? I don't need no sleep! (Well over 45 hours)
Editor(s) used: Doom Edit (Win), DEU 5.21, IDBSP DOS Port
Bugs: Some "Gates" are not aligned properly and you can't set the X & Y prop's of a floor or ceiling. Two doors look messy outside of the boardroom.
Rating: (4 votes)
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Way too much ammo and health to be challenging. Seems like it would be better suited for DM. The layout is good at least.x
Not bad, especially for its age; technically crude but it's quite a hectic map with lots of action (and lots of ammunition and health).x

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