Filename: levels/doom/s-u/space.zip
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Date: 10/23/05
Author: Unknown
Description: Kill and have fun! And avoid to be killed. That's no fun. :)
Base: New from scratch
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This is a quick blast through low and (a handful of) mid-level monsters in a crudely textured tech-themed map with little else to justify the name. Ammo and health are excessive, with 2 soulspheres & megaarmor plus obvious secrets on the automap, though this makes the blue key easy to find. It's a bit corridors-y, but there are simple traps and some area reuse to push up the mark for design. Itís fun and a bit above average for '94 so I'd give 3.5/5 but can't justify the whole 4 - Sui Generisx
Yes, it's quite good, with a fair amount of action for a short level. It has the slapped-together random early Doom level look, with garish textures all over the place, but it's charming in its way. A couple of problems; you can fall into a big slime pit and not get out, and it's odd having an essential item (the blue key) behind the same kind of secret as the rest of the secrets (i.e. if you're expected to find it, why make it secret?).x
Very good effort for a wad from '94. 4.5 stars by oldschool's standards, 2.5 by today's. -- 4/5x
Pretty good for a 94 map! :) 4/5 -Lutrov71x

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