Filename: levels/doom/s-u/spaces.zip
Size: 54.17 KB
Date: 05/24/96
Author: Jason Edgin
Description: This wad is only 1 level of an eposode I have not made yet but I am currently working on it. I made this level with the Ultamite Doom. You start in the middle of a space station. there is one enemy ship on a docking bay. There are three prisons, a sick bay, a small carier ship, a sanation close to all the docking bays marked with yellow keys, there is a greenhouse type room. I am planning on updating this level when I get more Levels to put in my epasode. If you have any suggestions or comments send them to my E-Mail Address, I like feedback wether good or bad!!
Credits: ID SOFTWARE of coarse, because if there wasnt a doom there wouldn't be my wad. KEVIN GOINGS, CHRIS TIMKO, and CLAYTON BARNETT for helping playtest this level. ANDREW BARBER and ALLEN MOSER for helping with some of the layout design. The Author of STARTREK.wad for the medecal sign. and last but defenatly not least, the author of the Doom Construction Kit.
Base: Scratch
Build time: About a week (after school, and one day out of school!)
Editor(s) used: D.C.K.
Bugs: Yes,There is only one that I know of in the SickBay. I didn't know how to fix it. If anyone could tell me how please do!!
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Horrifying, totally depressing level. It's a series of very bland looking white rooms and corridors with ZERO texturing variety. Feels like you're in a mental institution or something.x
This is dated May 1996, and it's terrible. It looks and feels like a mid-1994 spaceship level, in the sense that it's just a lot of angular corridors with one silver texture - SHAWN2 - throughout and almost no detail. For June 1994 it would have had an interesting early use of voodoo dolls - they don't do anything, they're just there - but this is from 1996. It's just a big maze with 56 weak monsters that you meet very very occasionally.x

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