Filename: levels/doom/s-u/spaceshp.zip
Size: 89.21 KB
Date: 09/22/94
Author: Scott Nelson
Description: This is a level for E1L1 made like a space ship.

The theme is Aliens, and really needs the alien sound effects and graphics loaded to get the full affect of the level. They can be found on most share point where Doom utils are (alien101.zip includes sounds, graphics and 9 new levels).

The story line is you were called in to exterminate the Aliens onboard a Marine scout ship that was infected from contact with escape pod from a prison barge.

Special note: You can go out into space, in this level, but no one can hear you screem...
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This is a decent level - the layout does sort-of resemble an Aliens-style spaceship, although the texture alignment is all over the place. There's a lot of action if you get stuck in. The big problem is that you can literally run straight to the end, dodging everything, in which case it takes about thirty seconds to finish. The author should have put in some keys or obstacles. Kudos for not making it a typical square silver-textures box though.x

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