Title: SR388 - Planet 3.4 *BETA 1* ^^^^^^^^
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/sr388b1.zip
Size: 978.02 KB
Date: 10/01/96
Author: Lyndon Tremblay
Description: you are a marine sent to take over planet 3.4's SR388 spaceport. There are lots of cool stuff to see and do. This is just a beta, but mostly the levels are the only thing that's not complete. 5 are included. in each level, all mission objectives must be completed. (see "SR388EP3.TXT"for detailed info) try it out, then inform me of my work.(good?, bad?) to install, type "sr3inst". to de-install, "sr3xinst". Oh yeah, there are sparks after a gun shoots! (they are cool - even my mom thinks so!)
Credits: id Software, the greg for dehacked, raven, my brother jonathan, and my computer. and ben morris, and Oliver Montanuay, and JASC, for PSP. (did i spell those right?)
Base: New project from scratch. (on a 486/33sx)
Build time: 1 month (i think...how should i know!!)
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.62, Dehacked 3.0a, WinTex 4.1, Paint Shop Pro 4.1 Shareware, Sound Recorder (Win95).
Bugs: you guys tell me. that's why its beta.
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