Filename: levels/doom/s-u/stairwar.zip
Size: 29.32 KB
Date: 08/17/94
Author: Eric van Bezooijen
Description: A single room map, with all of the weapons, and tons of ammo, and a whole horde of monsters. A pretty big challenge for a player to finish (the beginning is pretty rough) in a single-player game, but I can do it, so you should be able to as well! =O). I've never tried it with > 2 players... It's kind slow with multiple players until you kill off most of the monsters, and then the speed improves (this is on 486-66 Mhz machines with 128Kb cache) The theme: The world's longest marble staircase!

To play this wad file, run: doom -file stairwar.wad

If you can't solve the level, I've included a demo of me solving it (stairwar.lmp). Only look at it as a last resort, it spoiles everything! To play the demo, run: doom -playdemo stairwar -file stairwar.wad
Credits: Kenneth S. Forte, who wrote the ULTIMA.WAD file which I base mine on (I couldn't get DEU to work without crashing starting from scratch), although this level barely resembles his level. To the creators of DOOM and DEU - may all of you be enshrined as gods in the years to come!
Base: Severely Modified E2M1 - ULTIMA.WAD
Build time: : About 30 hours (15 of those hours to learn DEU). About 40 % of the time spent on making the staircase.
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21
Bugs: We don't need no steenking texture alignment! Hall-Of-Mirrors effect when standing at the top of the stairs. Totally sloppily constructed WAD. Sue me!
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This is horrible.x
Nothing to remember, but at least isn't really awful -- 2/5x
A large octagonal arena. around the edge is a set of stairs; in the middle is a large octagonal plug with elevators (that go nowhere). 43 monsters, no support for difficulty levels. Not much fun.x

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