Filename: levels/doom/s-u/star-b-q.zip
Size: 151.94 KB
Date: 10/23/05
Author: Jim Allen
Description: You're invited to a cookout. But this ain't no picnic! Prepare to fry some demonic butt as you claw your way out of the Star Chamber to find out what lies beyond. But keep an eye on your back, or you may be next on the spit!

This is one of those infamous "first WAD" attempts. As such it includes the usual hodge- podge of every idea the author ever thought of regarding a DOOM level. Yes, most anything regarding theme and consistency has been tossed carelessly over the edge of the abyss, with a spicy mixture of nifty puzzles, neat gizmos and cool structures proudly taking their place. It ain't French cookin', but it oughta satisfy a hungry Doomer for a meal or two. Watch for the baron's BBQ...and there's some fairly amazing graphic textures at the end...if you can make it that far. <8-)
Credits: Ken "Shotgun" Gole - Play tester, advisor, LMP maker and all-around Doom buddy.

Ed Shaver/Bob Mesnard - Beta play testers.

My wife - for her endless patience "So, what time did you come to bed last night? Again!"

The people you all know that made this cottage- industry of WADs possible: Id Software RaphaŽl Quinet (The author of DEU) Colin Reed (The author of BSP1x) Matt Fell (The author of the Doom Specs) Hank Leukart (The author of the Doom FAQ)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: If time is money, this thing's worth a fortune!
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2, BSP 1.x, dmgraph
Bugs: The author likes big complex rooms. As such, running this WAD under Doom 1.2 will exhibit a couple of HOMs. There are no known bugs under 1.666, except some transient choppiness in play in the Star Chamber.
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Getsu Fune
Not bad at all. The first of the two levels is the most substantive, itís a star-shaped area with most of the level taking place in side-areas. Ammo is initially sparse and you have to hunt and scrounge a bit to find some. Design is non-linear and it wasnít obvious to me where to go. The level is reasonably fun. A non-mapping maze is near the end but is different enough that I found it more endearing than irritating. E2M2 is a simple boss level with tons of room. For the first level 4/5 - Sui Generisx
Two maps dated September 1994. In E2M1 you fight 140 baddies in a typically eye-gouging early wooden dungeon, although crucially the action's not bad and overall it's nostalgic. Nice-looking maze at the end. E2M2 is a boss level that resembles Dis, but looks nicer, which admittedly isn't hard. Appears to have been the author's first and last levels - judging by the readme his mapping career was killed stone dead by sex. A tragic waste.x
Not a bad WAD, considering it's your first try. A few texture errors, and I even found a nukage floor which didn't harm me. -phlumx
"Pretty darn good" sums it up. A wad with a good sense of fun.x

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