Filename: levels/doom/s-u/surmont.zip
Size: 344.88 KB
Date: 06/30/94
Author: Larry Schaudies
Description: X-Rated This wad may be considered X-rated by some. In my opinion, the nude shot in the bedroom is no more X-rated than the violence of the game. If it offends you don't play this wad.

This was my home and horse farm...until a UAC C147 attempting to land at Dulles Airport, which I unfortunately happen to be under the N-S approach, crashed here. I'm not sure what happened but but apparently the C147 was carrying Toxic waste from the Spawning Pits which upon landing on my land began mutating all the animals who began spawning in my house, barns and out-buildings. In addition, the plants became mutated.... well to make a long story short I'm fucked unless you can save the farm.
Credits: The Id team. The authors of the editors I used(see below) DEU, IDBSP 1.0 Bill Lewis, for playtesting and gameplay ideas
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 1.680035E+39
Editor(s) used: Deu and IDBSP
Bugs: Will play slowly on 386 40 machines. Developed on 486 66. Idbsp node builder makes it run much better on the slower machines, you should of seen it before Idbsp.exe on a 386 40.
Rating: (2 votes)
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Bizarre wad from the early years of modding. The design is poor, the texturing is ugly, and the secrets are useless. Yet, I liked it; It's so bad, it's good. The replacement graphics are weird, the new sounds are hilariously stupid, and the promise of porn feels like a desperate attempt for more views or whatever. 3.5/5 for being unique and one of the few good "my house" wads.x
My word. From the readme I was expecting something awful - this is the first wad you find if you search Doomworld for 'nude' in the description. But it's very good, amazingly so for June 1994. Generally crude, but decent and complex architecture, lots of baddies, and a fairly non-linear level. Impressed me no end. Best wad ever to have labia in it. Bucks the general rule whereby if an map is based on a person's house and has toilets in it, it's rubbish.x

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