Title: Surprise!
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/surprise.zip
Size: 173.66 KB
Date: 02/01/95
Author: Knud Hinnerk Moeller
Description: New Levels for DOOM I

Yes, there is a reason for this slaughter:

You are part of an expedition to explore distant solar-systems with an earthlike condition. Good old earth is pretty rundown, so humanity needs a new place to stay. When your ship took of, the crew put you and five of your collegues into some sort of freezing chamber, so you wouldn't use up all the air, food and water. They were supposed to wake you up once the ship had reached an orbit.


You wake up, eyes closed. Slowly you begin to remember who and where you are. But you can't move yet. You wait for the medics to take you out of the chamber and give you some shots to make you feel bet- ter. You wait. Nothing happens. No medics. As you begin to feel your body again, you open your eyes and look around. Why is your chamber still closed? You realize that, since you're awake now, you will need a lot more air, than when you were still asleep. Why isn't anybody opening the hatch? Panicstricken you try to open it, but it won't move, it's not supposed to be opened from within. In the end you simply smash your fist trough the glass and crawl out, still naked. You shiver. Noone is in the room, all the other chamber are still closed but you can see from the controllights that the lifesupport has turned it- self of. Hastily you open all of them, but too late, your collegues are dead. Then you hear a sound from outside the room - a sound that is not at all human...

However - you know it all from the movies: Your ship is infested with Aliens and you have to kill them all! Get a gun and do it! You remember there is an armoury somewhere near. You also remember a teleport-chamber. You know you have to go there, beam yourself to the evil alien's planet (E2M2), find a way to the caves below the surface (E2M3) and finally find the switch to blow the damned thing up. Sacrifice yourself to save humanity. And if not for humanity, than for the fun.
Credits: maybe some of my friends for playtesting E2M1
Base: new level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: waded181
Bugs: If you get close to one wall in E2M3 you will see through.
Rating: (2 votes)
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Three pretty competent levels from 1995. E2M1 is a square techbase, E2M2 is an icy castle, with a curious final battle (it's not impossible, because you have enough plasma, but I was expecting a crushing ceiling or something, given that this is 1995). E2M3 is a hellish dungeon; it's not bad, but marred by a teleport maze at the end, which just leads to another switch. Textures wonky, as per most 1995 levels. Solid for the time, okay-ish today.x

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