Filename: levels/doom/s-u/survivl2.zip
Size: 44.42 KB
Date: 06/03/15
Author: Peter "Pete" A. Schroeter
Description: First attempt at creating a new level from scratch. It has lots of rooms, stairways, corridoors, traps, and oodles of monsters!
Credits: Thanks to the creators of DEU5.1 and BSP1.0. Without them, this would not have been possible...
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 20 - 30 sometimes difficult, sometimes enjoyable, ultimately rewarding hours of trial & error! (completed May 24, 1994)
Editor(s) used: DEU5.1 and BSP 1.0
Bugs: none that I am aware of, but let me know if there are!
Rating: (6 votes)
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Lessee: broken automap; wrong monster count; exit behind secret; rooms you can't leave; etc. etc. Sorry, no. This is utter rubbish. x
Very chaotic layout. I don't think you need any of the keys to beat the map. Visuals are good. Keeping in mind that this is a 1994 map, this is historically interesting, but as a standalone level it's rather weak. Fights are easy too.x
Tech-style map from May 1994, so from the early DooM mapping times. Layout is based on rectangular rooms & small corridors with windows, and almost flat. Texture use, decoration & ambiance are nowadays considered simplistic but for that time not bad; variation in style & gameplay is good. Has lots of texture misalignments and other small problems, but in 1994 these weren't considered as that bad as nowadays. Rated as early 1994 map: 3* because at that time playing this small adventure obviously gave fun.x
Ooh, an undiscovered level from 1994, have not had enough of those in the last year. Truly random level design even for its time; on the first play, I accidentally activated the exit after killing 1/5 of the enemies and finding none of the keys. Later I find out that the yellow key opens a door that does nothing, and the red key gives access to a blue key, with no blue door in the level. There are also two plasma guns close to each other to make the grueling task of shooting former humans and imps easier.x
Cool map, was a bit disorganized but I liked that and I had fun playing through it. x

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