Filename: levels/doom/s-u/talpoida.zip
Size: 57.35 KB
Date: 05/19/94
Author: Eddie Nguyen
E-mail: anguilla@raphael.acpub.duke.edu
Description: Welcome to talpoida.wad, my second wad and a continuation of the storyline first presented in uca.wad. If you're curious as to what the full storyline is, then I recommend getting a copy of uca. As for TALPOIDA, it replaces e2m2 and was constructed using DEU5.1 and BSP1.0. It is fine-tuned for single player mode; multi- player mode and deathmatch are supported though not tested. Also, talpoida was designed to be played in succession with uca.wad; you can certainly play it as a stand-alone, but you may find some of the fighting situations a little tense without the weapons you have obtained from uca.wad (of course, you could always use the cheat codes, but where's the fun in that? :) ).
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU5.1 and BSP1.0
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Typical made-in-1994 level with all its typical flaws. At that time maybe average, nowadays at most meh. Give it a try if you like to compare those and nowadays standards.x

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