Filename: levels/doom/s-u/theatre.zip
Size: 67.48 KB
Date: 02/22/08
Author: Simon Manton
Description: This level is base around a theatre. It includes satge, backstage, orchestra pit, trap doors, box office, circle, gods, boxes, stalls and toilets. It is very difficult.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DOOMED v2.6 & 4 and DEU 5.21
Bugs: None
Rating: (6 votes)
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Not to bad of a map, it does have a old school feel to it. So I shall give it a 3 from me.-Candle Mx
This level has a very "old-school" feel because of the basic texturing and the rather random layout. Still, it offers some fun because of the amount of monsters. Some are placed in locations where they are easy to kill, others can be more dangerous due to height variation, darkness, and sniping though windows. On the whole this balances the level out to a good degree. ~Chain Mail [3/5] (04/2008)x
concar.wad from Simon Manton is better, this looks like a crude version of a sphagne map. Quite alot of monsters making this map somewhat interesting.x
It's a good map.x
This is dated May 1996. Obviously Simon Manton was a posh kid. Hell, all Doom players were posh kids in 1996, decent PCs cost over a grand. This is basically a castle-style map with a small theatre in the middle; it looks crude, but there are lots of monsters, which helps it a bit. Overall it's disjointed and meandering, I get fed up shooting all those lost souls, you have loads of weapons, and the ending is just an anonymous teleporter, I exited accidentally.x

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