Title: The Nest
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/thenesta.zip
Size: 116.87 KB
Date: 04/13/07
Author: Unknown
Description: These are two levels, that are really fun to play with. [Note by the uploader: I recommend to play THENEST1.WAD and THENEST.WAD next to each other as an episode.]

This is, from where they come from: These are WADs, that have been published on a BBS. In the package THENST.ZIP came the two WADs THENEST1.WAD (E1M1), timestamp: 10/04/94 MM/DD/YY and THENEST2.WAD (E1M2), that has timestamp 10/06/94 THENST.ZIP has the BBS file description: The first two maps of the episode The Nest, for DOOM.

There was also another version of THENEST1.WAD on that BBS as THENEST.WAD (E1M1) with the timestamp 09/25/94 in the zip THENEST2.ZIP. That zip has the BBS file description: Final version of the DOOM PWAD file TheNest.

I include that version, because i'm a completist. Decide on your own, what's the unknown authors intention.

The BBS file description has been discovered here: http://cd.textfiles.com/svgames9501/CDR17/FILES.BBS ... and the zips here: http://cd.textfiles.com/svgames9501/CDR17/THENEST2.ZIP http://cd.textfiles.com/svgames9501/CDR17/THENST.ZIP
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Three levels from September 1994. They are typical of their time. Thenest.wad is a medieval-style map. It looks like a set of random etch-a-sketch doodles, although the gameplay is almost okay because it's fast-moving. In the end I got stuck and had no desire to continue playing. Thenest1.wad is the same again, with more monsters. Thenest2 is a mossy dungeon maze, symmetrical; it has lots of mostly weak monsters, but it's boring as peas (the vegetable).x

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