Filename: levels/doom/s-u/toondm.zip
Size: 587.21 KB
Date: 09/15/96
Author: David L. Hopkins the Second A.k.a. Pepe, a.k.a. Doom.
Credits: The makers of the following editors: Deu, DeuTex, WinTex & DeHacked. Also thanks goes to Mr. Foster, Greg, Mike Riley, Chris Hartly my Dad and Thank you God. Most importantly this wad goes out for Mr. Earth. Mr. Earth? This Doom's for you. Finaly I would like to thank myself because without me it never would have worked!!
Base: Everything is brand spanking new.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeHacked, Deu, DeuTex, WinTex
Bugs: There are no bugs! Only features! (I can hear you saying "Bull Shit") Well there is one, I call it Sammy the white sprite.
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Okay, you can really hear me saying "Bull Shit". But not because of possible bugs, more because this entire thing is bullshit.x
"toonz.wad" is a MUCH better (and much newer) zDoom version of Toon Doom, download it here - http://www.mediafire .com/?n0hyk2rjwwvx
This is dated September 1995. It comes from a time when people had no problem putting their full name and home address in the textfile; what could possibly go wrong? The author (a single male) begs for women to write to him. Anyway, the extra graphics and sounds are in separate wad files so I ignored them and played the two levels instead. Kitchen is a tiny "my house" thing and Ralf is an arena with no exit and no bosses. Erm.x
best classic shit i've played in my doom years. 5/5 AXx

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