Title: toughguy.zip
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/toughguy.zip
Size: 18.43 KB
Date: 06/27/94
Author: Rick Farmer
Description: This level is my first, and as such was designed to demonstrate an idea I had to simulate 3D play by silencing the teleporter and making the destination look like the jump point. Once I demonstrated that it worked I made a hardcore shotem' up because my roomates complained that DOOM is too easy. The level lacks a "motif" and I was lazy with the textures but if you have time to notice you must be a DOOM GOD. An included file toughguy.bat replaces the nessesary sounds & graphics, plays the game (with added extensions) then restores on exit. To play unzip all files to your DOOM dir and type "toughguy". The bat file calls DMGRAPH & DMAUD so you'll need them too.
Credits: Adam Nagel Pete Presti for test playing the wad
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: A week of on and off playing with it.
Editor(s) used: Doomed 2.60, dmgraph, & dmaud.
Bugs: A few textures don't quite line up but I don't care.
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did silent teleports before it was cool, that's 2tough4me.x
This is from June 1994. It's an early example of multi-storey teleports, with a .bat file that calls DMGRAPH and DMAUD (not supplied). Sadly the level is just a lot of angular, hand-drawn rooms, randomly-textured, in typical 1994 style. There's no real sense of multi-storey depth. It's no fun to play and it isn't a good example of the technique.x

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