Title: The Training Session
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/trainng2.zip
Size: 60.01 KB
Date: 05/19/05
Author: Ramsey Hanafi, aka Anakin (Boston dwango) or Gamer X (compuserve)
Description: An update of Training.WAD [old version included in trnwadold.zip]. Fixes some bugs and some minor touch ups.

The UAC has genetically engineered the foes you met in hell from Top Secret Samples they obtained in controlled tests of teleportational gates. Now they've programed them for training operations. But when you go behind the scenes on your own investigation, you descover they're not training you... They're training them! For what? That you will discover after your done with 'em, if you can survive!
Credits: David Bruni for pointing out some I hadn't noticed!
Base: Update of TRAINING.WAD [old version included in trnwadold.zip]
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomED, DEU, BSP GCC
Bugs: I still couldnt work out why I see through that wall.
Rating: (2 votes)
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Actually from 26 October 1994, and the zipfile contains an older version from the end of September 1994 (the finished version has more detailing and a proper final battle; it starts on E1M8 and in the first version you die at the end). This is very good for such an early level. The layout is entertaining, the textures are appropriate, and there is constant action. It's still unpolished, though, but with a bit of work this could pass for a modern-day retro Episode One level.x

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