Title: Tripwire
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/tripwire.zip
Size: 33.28 KB
Date: 10/12/94
Author: Larry Wangemann
Description: This is my 2nd .WAD file and I feel it's tons better than my first. In this one, you better have the sound effects on to hear all the doors opening somewhere where you're not. Again, even with the cheat codes, not counting the No Clipping Code, you may have a tough time of it. And at the hardest level don't even think of killing all the monsters on the ammo I supplied you. There are some traps, but I don't think there's any place that you can't get out of.
Credits: Steve, my own personal Beta tester. Who this time said, " Arrrg! I HATE these kind of levels with the doors opening all over! If I wasn't beta-testing, I'd have skipped this one!" So be forwarned, and be PATIENT! You'll time those triggers right....Steve did. And don't forget to save it...often. And watch out for those "Clinging" Vines!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21 + BSP 1.2
Bugs: Nada, Zip, Zilch....at least, until you find any. :) ~~~

And the All important HOW TO USE info...(Hey some people are just
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I love levels that are hideous, irritating and have no element of fun. One of the most torturous levels I've ever seen. 0/5x
Oh God. This is dated October 1994 and I had a sinking feeling as I looked at the readme. Ultimately the very first room angered me so much that I stopped playing. The level's based on a trope whereby you press a piece of wall and a door opens behind you - and then you run to that space and a door opens behind you again, etc, such that you have to keep running back and forth before the doors close etc. The beta tester was absolutely right.x

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