Title: UAC_DEAD patch for ZDoom
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/uac_deaz.zip
Size: 1.8 KB
Date: 04/13/04
Author: LogicDeLuxe
Description: Even UAC_DEAD.WAD is a milestone you should'n miss, it uses a feature which was removed in Ultimate Doom, unfortunately. Even worse, there is no source port available, which can play UAC_DEAD correctly without slight modifications. This is a simple wad which just consists of a MAPINFO lump enabling you to play the original UAC_DEAD.WAD in its intended way with Zdoom.
Credits: Thanks to Leo Martin Lim for making UAC_DEAD.WAD.
Base: from scratch
Build time: shorter than writing this text :-)
Editor(s) used: deutex 4.4.0
Bugs: None
Rating: (6 votes)
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Note that there is no need for this patch since ZDoom 2.3.0. The level is identified by its MD5 checksum and the proper compatibility flags are automatically applied.x
You could at least _mention_ that this disables freelook and jumping.x
Great patch ! Now Risen3D users can also play this wad properly. :)x
Nice patch, but since this is something that can affect other old DOOM wads just as much, the different tag 666 handling could well be a compatibility setting. For example, in old versions of DOOM Cyberdemons and Spiderdemons could interchangeably end E2M8 or E3M8. The text for this patch is outdated, as currently PrBoom, PrBoom-plus, and Chocolate Doom all support UAC Dead through compatibility switches or settings.x
awesome! no more noclip! The only downside is that you cant jump. still, its good that this bug was fixed.x

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