Filename: levels/doom/s-u/uacpen.zip
Size: 134.38 KB
Date: 04/24/05
Author: The Mad Hacker
Description: * The Story: *
Credits: Testers Darin' Lowe, Meredeath Lumbrazo, Erik Folley Raphael Quinet & Brendon J Wyber for the DEU editor Colin Reed for the BSP utility
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Many moons
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DEU 5.2 GCC, BSP12X, and Reject 1.0
Bugs: Very minor "Hall of Mirrors" in Pit area - (does not come into play). Probably too many linedefs for Doom engine.
Rating: (7 votes)
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Mediocre and unappealing.x
For a 1994 WAD, that was very decent indeed.x
An underrated classic. This is a fun E2-styled map that's very large and non-linear. It has excellent looks for a '94 wad, and the gameplay was ahead of its time. It's not flawless though, and it does get a little confusing. However, it's still a must-play for anyone who can appreciate a good old-fashioned map. 4.5/5x
It is E2M5 of http://www.doomworld .com/idgames/index.p hp?id=8721x
This is dated August 1994. It's by "The Mad Hacker". It's striking for a 1994 level - a large and elaborate medieval/techbase, with some clever detailing (including a section of the map that has been eaten away by lava). The gameplay is decent, a bit switch-hunty, but this is top-tier stuff for 1994. It has attention to detail! Lighting effects! Short on ammo, though. Seems to be the author's only level, which is a shame.x
This would have to be one of the most underatted Doom Levels in existance. This big level from 1994 is simply superb, a true classic. Replaces E2M5. Get it NOW!!. 5/5 PCx
A large and very good map. Fun to play.x

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