Title: Ultima 1
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/ultima.zip
Size: 53.65 KB
Date: 10/08/94
Author: Jon Charlson (Chaff)
Description: This .WAD file was created based on the Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss (Copyright Origin 1992). The level is quite big and my best time for completion is around 22 min. I'm sure with practice you can easily beat that. I've taken the time to implement the difficulty levels so try them all (Ultra-Violence for the full effect!) Hope you have as much fun playing as I did in making/play-testing it. Feel free to manipulate the level in any way you want as long as you give original credit where credit is due (namely to ME!!!). This was my first real attempt at making a Doom level so I'm not really sure if you'll find it as interesting/fun to play as i did. Sometimes the monsters have a mind of their own and will be in a different place each time you play it so don't expect them to be around that same corner each time.
Credits: Id Software (The Creators) ; and my play-testers Robert (Jake) Jacobs, Cameron (Hick) Norris.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 20+ hours
Editor(s) used: DEU version 5.21 and BSP version 1.1
Bugs: When playing over the modem against a friend if if you try to talk to each other it will kick the other person out of the game. Couldn't figure it out so if you can fix it then by all means do!!
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i loved Ultima Underworld, still do, and did recognize the layout of the upper level while playing this WAD. Texture choices were a little suspicious, though; I would have expected more STONE2 and less GRAY4 >:) 1994 difficulty, a fun romp. ps, the exit switch is in Navrey's lairx
A prime example of the stereotypical "1994 WAD". If you want a blast from the past and want to feel like, well, it's 1994 again, check this out; otherwise, don't bother.x
Underdetailed and easy by anyone's standards. Some height variation reflecting the original puzzles would have been nice, though lack of proper bridges in Doom make this hard. Probably only interesting to those who remember Ultima Underworld fondly. ***x
I haven't played Ultima Underworld, although it is apparently a classic. Therefore I can't comment on this level's accuracy. The map is large and has a fair amount of monsters (most of which are in one room), but it's also very mazey and monotextural, and dull. I had fun running around with the chainsaw, but it feels like a bare layout that hasn't had detail added yet. With some extra work it might have been very good. The end is just another switch.x

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