Title: Underground Maelstrom
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/underg.zip
Size: 160.04 KB
Date: 09/22/95
Author: SiNGE (Nick Bousman) (With help from Fimm)
Description: This level really kicks ass. It's a bit HUGE though. Even if you know what you're doing, it probably would take a good hour or so to complete. PLEASE PLEASE try it the first time WITHOUT the Doom cheaty codes. We dare ya to. And remember, SAVE OFTEN! ;D BTW, it seems more people have DOOM2 than DOOM, so many of you will be converting this over to DOOM2. But TRY at least once, to play it in it's original DOOM format. But really, this level is, although made by myself, one of my favorites (especially in multi-player mode). I had a lot of fun making this level.
Credits: Grim and Thatcher of KEWL! BBS (Great testing job guys!)
Kwai Chang Caine of Urbanite BBS (Again for testing. I was too lazy to fix that oddity with the pillars, heh.)
Those wonderful guys at ID who made DOOM in the first place.
Whoever wrote WALLS2.WAD (I ripped a few sounds from it, thanx ;)
Justin Fisher (Author of the A L I E N S patches. Again, for the wonderful sounds I ripped.) BTW, I LOVED your aliens patch, and I too enjoy WADs with fun effects and interesting architecture as opposed to simple rooms connected with doors. If you get to see this WAD and like it, please drop a line. ;)......heh
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About a month or so. Lots of testing. Lots of node-building.
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.42 (Ok, Mr. Aryes, I'll register if you fix all the really annoying bugs.) DMAUD 1.1 (Awesome program) DMGRAPH (Also quite spiffy)
Bugs: If you're using nice versions of DOOM like 1.666+, no. Otherwise there's sometimes weird flashes when passing between tall sectors, and sometimes strange HOM effects when theres over 16 2-sided linedefs in view.
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Also comes with the author's PD library catalogue, and a .com file that I assume is a demo. This is a pretty good early level. The design is typically bright and garish, and it uses the "Aliens" door noise - for which I dock a point - but it has an ambitious non-linearity that pleases me. Several good unexpected traps. Too many lost souls. Well-judged ammo balance. Overall a good 1995 map, large and entertaining.x

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