Title: upliftng.zip
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/upliftng.zip
Size: 53.05 KB
Date: 04/17/94
Author: Bart Wilson
Description: Well, after many hours of learning how to run the deu5.0 editor, this is the level that I came up with. This is the first level of the first mission.
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There are some good things (it's fun) and some bad things (teleporter mazes are pure evil) so I shall give this a three. Worth playing.x
Has not aged all that well although this can still put many other badly made maps to shame, seems to crash on chocolate doom 1.5.0 when you run to the opened up centre area of the map so had to play it in ZDoom. Overall this is not so bad, but I found that the intersections with the trees and barrels were both annoying and distracting from the overall map. Could have been better, could have been worse still interesting to play anyhow considering the age but it is slightly below average these days 2/5x
Wow. History. Though it resembled those ugly big confusing WADs of the era I hate, it's not bad for the time. 3.5/5 - Optimusx
Not a bad-looking level. All those heaps of cells should have been set multiplayer-only, they make the level too easy. The eight secret areas are all exactly the same. There's one-way stairs close to the start. The teleporter cave doesn't take long to figure out, the numerous tall lifts are more likely to annoy an impatient player. - N_Ax
Erm. Has a certain historical value as the second of these WADs proper (not counting id=11, which is a two-room demo written by hand). Given its age the final section, in which the middle of the level opens up, is quite nice to look at, but the level design is full of grids, there's an aggravating teleporter maze and it would be horrible in deathmatch (what with the rivers and trees).x

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