Title: Urban Nightmare
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/urban.zip
Size: 168.49 KB
Date: 02/20/95
Author: C. Bradford Rose
Description: The Apocalyspe has finally come to pass... all of Earth lies in ruin after a world-wide nuclear war. You are a lone infantry soldier who has managed to survive. You were lucky (depends on how you look at it) to be in an underground bunker when a nuke hit near your location. After the radiation levels dropped off, you left to search for more supplies. After many days of wandering.... you have come to realize the awful truth... the Earth as you knew it is no more. You can find no signs of civilization or life... except of course if you count the undead. The spawn of hell now roam the Earth... You never really believed so strongly in the super-natural untill now (and you think that pissed them off). You are about to give up and accept death when you come across a city! Maybe there are people alive there! Maybe there are fresh supplies! Or worse yet... maybe the undead, or even worse... perhaps enemy soldiers could be lurking in that city. Only one way to find out.....
Credits: The creator of nightfall.wad (where I found the sky1 textures :) ). My 486 dx2 66 laptop :) (great for DOOMing in lecture). My girlfriend... for moral support and for making realize that there IS a world outside of DOOM :). Everyone on alt.games.doom and the rec.computer.games.doom groups that helped me with any questions I had. The creators of DEU, BSP12x, IDBSP, and DMAUD. And, of course- ID.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 2 quarters and 2 failed courses. 2 much :).
Editor(s) used: DEU5.21gcc, IDBSP, BSP12x, DMAUD, DEHACKED
Bugs: None... if you find any let me know.
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Pretty neat for 1995x

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