Title: urbnbeta.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/urbnbeta.zip
Size: 114.69 KB
Date: 06/06/94
Author: Frederick J. Bradley with Robert Bradley & Ryan Louie.
Description: (You might remember this level as DETHE1M1. I've finally decided on a theme for my episode, so I added some graphics and here it is. I changed alot of stuff, and made the level a little more interactive. If you liked DETHE1M1, then you'll love Urban Wars.)

The year is 2099 and V-Town has suffered from major incidents of gang related violence. All of America's resource could not free V-Town from the gangs, so the city is in chaos. In an effort to save yourself and your family, you decide to fight for leadership of the gangs. You will battle many gang members, and eventually your friends (deathmatch partners) to become the leader of V-Town. You are now enlisted into the URBAN WARS!

(This is just the beta story, but is really close to the real thing.)

The war starts in your family's home just after you declare your leadership challenge.
Credits: TO: Shelly B. who will start the "real" story soon. To: ID for an excellent game To: Raphael for deu.
Base: Modified DETHE1M1.WAD
Build time: ?
Editor(s) used: Deu & bsp
Bugs: none really....
Rating: (12 votes)
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Seriously, how can one even consider thinking about giving this 4 or 5*??? :lol: Map layout, texture use, decoration & ambiance are below average for a mid-1994 map, and gameplay fails on about all aspects. IOW: the average 3* 1994 map is much better, so it's worth a small 2*. And hard? C'mon, even @ UV both bosses can almost completely be ignored...x
Hitscan rape and almost no health? Count me out.x
Has it faults: secrets and you can't leave if you use the skull switch in some scenario's but tremendously fun.x
A deceivingly hard and well-mapped level from 1994. A cyberdemon, a spiderdemon, a baron, several cacos and a whole lot of hitscanners in a "house" map coupled with practically no health or armor (unless you find the secrets) will make this level a lot harder than it seems. The secrets are a bit random though (mostly hitting unmarked walls that lower lifts somewhere else and certain one-time switches). Worth a try. 5/5 -Maesx
Quite fun and hard, after all these years. Too bad the actual full "Urban Wars" episode never made it to the world...x
a classic wadx
This is pretty good, and quite a challenge too (unless you just make a run for the exit).x

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