Title: URE2020: Unexpected Retro Experience
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/ure2020.zip
Size: 3.12 MB
Date: 04/15/21
Author: Zylinderkatze
Description: The WAD file accompanied by this readme file contains the "heavily, yet sensibly" improved maps from "199X" and also re-integrates all the (reasonable) ideas that were lost in 2010.

The plan had always been to eventually replace all three (or, I guess, four) episodes of DOOM eventually- ideas were (and are) plentiful. But first things (and episodes) first. And brackets.
Credits: The members of the Doomworld forum that gave me the added boost needed to keep going <3
Base: E1M1 is "new from scratch", only taking the original concept of an Oil Rig. E1M2 is about 30% old map geometry from 199X, the rest is new or edited beyond recognition. E1M3 is about 80% the same as it was in 199X. E1M4 has undergone heavy renewal and is about 60% new architecture following original ideas. E1M5 keps most of the original layout but some parts were streamlined and all parts were "cosmetically enhanced" to (my) 2020 standards. E1M6 is an all old skeleton with all new flesh; About 70% are redone or refurbished. E1M7 also underwent some mostly cosmetic fixes, but those span the whole map, so about 50% of the map are "new-ish". E1M8 had a lot of "detailing" done, as well as a completely new final duel area. About 40% of the map are new or at least very retouched. E1M9 is almost completely new- it had undergone a plethora of changes in 2010 which were all lost (see "Long Introduction") but most of the ideas were so "good" that I recreated them with 2020 sensibilities and taste, if you can call it that. That said, the 199X version of the maps were all "new from scratch" so the "TL;DR" would be: All maps are 100% original content from scratch.
Build time: 1000+ hours
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.22GCC (in 199X), Ultimate Doom Builder (in 2020), SLADE3, WhackEd4
Bugs: If you regularly play maps in DOS Doom (or a port that enforces the save file size limits), you're likely already aware of this: Big maps (such as these) will cause old (or "old-simulating") ports to crash when saving. So.. uh.. don't save? :D Also, as an ongoing theme, the maps barely avoid exceeding the visplane and drawseg limits in some areas. Tested with ChocolateRL, I didn't find any glaring visual bugs anymore though. If you find any problems, let me know!
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