Title: Underworld
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/uworld.zip
Size: 126.32 KB
Date: 01/29/95
Author: Eddie E. Easterly, IV
Description: This is my first level. I wish I would have started on this a bit later, then this would be a Doom II WAD. Anyway, the Underworld has a few rooms that are packed with baddies, so be careful where you step; and if you do, be ready (patient) for what comes around the corner! There are a few unmarked secrets, but you can find those when you get the computer map. Try to make it easier on yourself by activating the crushing ceiling BEFORE you enter the crossfire room! (Please drop me some mail and tell me what you think! Any comments or suggestions are welcome!)
Credits: Id Software
RaphaŽl Quinet (The author of DEU5, 5.1, 5.2)
Colin Reed (The author of BSP11x)
Matt Fell (The author of the Doom Specs)
Hank Leukart (The author of the Doom FAQ)
Base: New level from scratch (DOOM I)
Build time: Too long! (3 months ~ 200 hours?)
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2, EdMap, and BSP11x
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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Big, unlinear, extremely challanging. For 1995, very good!x
Surprisingly good for a first-map from 1995, if the author kept mapping he could have gone to create amazing things. This has a distinct E3 feel to it, the map is a bit cramped and I found myself getting lost quite a bit but I had fun doing it. I wasn't able to reach the exit, I simply couldn't figure out how to progress. Despite its flaws, I enjoyed it.x
It is brave of designers to release their debut levels to the archive. And it is brave of me to play them. But this level is surprisingly good; the design is elaborate for the period and the action is thick and fast. There are too many oblique puzzles for my liking, but it's very good for a debut level from early 1995, indeed it is decent by any standard. Seems to be the author's only level.x

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