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Vampire 5 or Frodo 5
I named it VAMPIRE5 because...catchy name! Better than FRODO5, my handle. Anyways. This was made w/ DeathMatch in mind. About half the time making this was spent playing it to make sure everything looked nice. I wanted an artistic PWAD as well as a f...Date:09/25/94
Size:67.68 KB
Author:Darrell Bircsak

This is my first attempt at WAD design. Its a rather big WAD - in fact I had to delete some of it to stop the level designer (DEU) crashing! My level replaces E2M1 but you can swap that round if you want... Its quite a hard bash, supporting network...Date:06/30/09
Size:63.02 KB
Author:Connor Sadler

Size:61.39 KB
Author:John A Warren

As I was saying, this was my first level for Doom...Date:12/21/95
Size:124.71 KB
Author:Stephen K. Boyer

Size:48.91 KB

As you wander across the surface of hell, you stumble across a village. Except for a few guards, it looks quiet enough. Although, the thick stone walls are a bit odd. So you decide to look inside the buildings. Big mistake... This level is all abou...Date:05/14/94
Size:61.35 KB
Author:Alex Siegel

Village of the Damned
<--- I hate this trying to fill this line, but many people like a bit of story, so I better think of one >:-< Okay, hows this: It has been noted that some areas of America are more prone to UFO sightings/crashes than anywhere else in the world. H...Date:07/21/97
Size:45.64 KB
Author:William Benfold

Essentially a drop in replacement for E1M1, although it includes some nasty traps, and 100% kills is not easy to achieve on Ultra Violence. This is not a 7 spiderdemons type level, It doesn't include anything tougher than a demon, but if you just cha...Date:05/14/94
Size:11.32 KB

Good playability, cool tricks, neat architecture....Date:02/29/96
Size:73.3 KB
Author:Ryan Gallimore

Voyage to Deimos: E2M1
Short E2-styled (I think) map. The first half is pure Tyson, later you'll find the shotgun. I plan to make full E2 replacement, but I'm very slow (this map was started in 2008...), so I will upload these maps one by one....Date:03/29/11
Size:38.11 KB

Storm the UAC Military Base
here is an armed group of UAC enterprises... the UACMB (UAC Military Base) which is a part of U.S.A army who they control defense of UAC labs from any spacial shit... bu...Date:01/24/23
Size:47.2 KB

Voidship v1.4
In the ruins of Deimos base, the mop-up crew found plans for a ship that will cross the void between the galaxies. This ship will enable the Hell-Spawn to spread their evil across the entire universe! The engineers at UAC have been able to beef up a ...Date:01/13/98
Size:145.06 KB
Author:Kevin McGrail (hevkev)

An abandon project for harnessing the geothermal energy within an active volcano is now the lair of hordes of your favorite Doom creatures....Date:11/21/08
Size:58.65 KB
Author:Robert S. Whitaker

A three level mini-tour for Doom v1.2 Registered Fight your way through The Mines (e2m1), Jungle Fever (e2m2) and The Gateway (e2m3). This update fixes two-sided linedef probs and allows for multiplayer and deathmatch games....Date:11/23/04
Size:140.46 KB
Author:Mutt Man

Lots of monsters, a fair number of puzzles. Highly non-linear - there are multiple solutions to nearly all the puzzles. You may need a 486/66 or better for this one (or low detail, or reduced screen size...)....Date:11/29/04
Size:86.91 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

WAD.WAD V1.1 (Waste And Destroy)
An average sized wad centred around a large open courtyard. You start out behind some cover, watch out for seargents around you in a bunker to the southwest and a shooting gallery to the east. The level is split into two main areas, the door to the s...Date:10/04/94
Size:40.67 KB
Author:Johnnie Chan and Simon Griffin

WADODETH.WAD **Deathmatch**
DEATHMATCH! DEATHMATCH! DEATHMATCH! This will challenge even the most experienced Death Match players. Play revolves around a courtyard with a Pyramid of Death. (called this because if you want the rocket launcher, you must ascend to the top. Not eas...Date:08/09/94
Size:54.72 KB
Author:Dan Cormack

Like most wads you'll see, this is my first attempt at building a wad. I tried to keep it small but difficult without simply throwing monsters at the player (with one exception, but we'll get to that later). There are two puzzle rooms, a couple of ro...Date:09/02/95
Size:40.97 KB
Author:Michael Cooper

This is the second release WADPAK1. This is my attempt to take some of the best shareware PWADs for DOOM available and combine them together into reasonable new episodes. Each episode should be playable by a single player or deathmatch as in ID's ...Date:08/11/94
Size:824.9 KB
Author:Gary Karnik

This is my second attempt to take some of the best shareware PWADs for DOOM available and combine them together into reasonable new episodes. Each episode should be playable by a single player or deathmatch as in ID's own levels....Date:05/26/94
Size:962.47 KB
Author:Gary Karnik

This is my third attempt to take some of the best shareware PWADs for DOOM available and combine them together into reasonable new episodes. Each episode should be playable by a single player or deathmatch as in ID's own levels....Date:06/12/94
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Gary Karnik

This is my fourth attempt to take some of the best shareware PWADs for DOOM available and combine them together into reasonable new episodes. Each episode should be playable by a single player or deathmatch as in ID's own levels....Date:08/16/94
Size:1.1 MB
Author:Gary Karnik
Just some levels I built, in two wads. The first has 9 levels, E1M1 - E1M9. The second has 3 levels, E1M1 - E1M3. These levels have been converted into Doom 2....Date:02/25/97
Size:360.88 KB
Author:Michael Hafen

Wages of Sin
After kicking the invading demon's collective asses in life, you thought you could retire to a life of leisure, didn't you? After finally shuffling off the mortal coil, you open your eyes to find that Hell has laid claim to your soul! It appears that...Date:07/27/04
Size:72.23 KB
Author:Sam K. Ellis III

This is definatly the wad I have had the most fun building. I enjoy playing it for both deathmatch and single play. It has some good sniping spots, and weapon placements. A couple secrets rooms which arn't hard to find. Some really nice scenery I...Date:05/12/94
Size:29.51 KB

This is WANTON, only faster! I have split it up into two parts. WANTON12 replaces E1M1 and E1M2....Date:05/12/94
Size:170.26 KB
Author:Jason Franklin

This is the first wad I created, but hang on, it's taken over 3 years so I'm hardly a beginner by now ! It's basically a single player wad but it has the entrances for multi and deathmatch, I just havn't tried it for that. It's a largish wad. It ...Date:09/11/96
Size:93.39 KB
Author:Dr I Badcoe

Doom1 .wad...Date:03/31/11
Size:176.78 KB
Author:Warbaby aka Ben Morris

Where? The Warehouse!
This level just screams 4-player deathmatch. Since the maze is so big, you may want to use respawn just to give yourself something to do while looking for the others. I have a theme in mind, so this may become part of a 9 level episode. But then agai...Date:06/19/94
Size:28.53 KB
Author:Jeff Gerstmann

Recreated my first map....Date:09/12/03
Size:23.5 KB

Imagine that a large, abandoned, warehouse in your home town has been overrun by nasties. It is up to you to save the day! You must first fight your way in from outside, make it through the outer offices, and then finally into the warehouse itself. A...Date:04/19/94
Size:60.41 KB
Author:Mike Barker

Petersen Station
Another rejected map from the "Doom: the way ID did" project, this level replace e2m9... Anyway, the aim of this level is joining the e2 official style with the earlier Alpha layouts choice of mr. Tom Hall...Date:02/25/11
Size:58.38 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The Wastelands
I have a few policies I follow when I make a map that you should know about before you play. - You do not need to get any of the secrets to finish any level, although what you have to do may not be obvious. I also have marked each secret in one way o...Date:12/03/95
Size:414.98 KB
Author:Steve Johnston

Waste Processing (updated)
A sort of E1-styled map. This was made for a number of things, but never got released, so I'm releasing it as a single map. It's not very new, and I had to tweak it a bit (it was way too hard), but I'm pretty happy with it. It's the first map in year...Date:09/06/03
Size:74.85 KB

This is my first DOOM level (but don't let you put that off) This level started off as a small level but continued to grow as I got new ideas for rooms....Date:08/18/94
Size:64.86 KB

A level, that is fun to play. Amoung others, the teleporter trap is cool....Date:04/13/07
Size:29.68 KB

"Wayne.Wad" it's my first attemped at creating a wad level . The start location is still the defalt sector. I used DOOMED a great tool. A lot of trial and errors. Looking forward for the new release. In the mean time I'm trying to learn DEU. I played...Date:05/12/05
Size:25.9 KB
Author:Wayne Watt

Wicked Barons & Spectres
One new level for The Ultimate DOOM. Uhhh.. well, instead of going through a confusing hell of monster teleportation of level 1, you go through my spawn of hell....Date:01/26/11
Size:60.22 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

I created Wedge for my own personal kicks. The level is elevator intensive without becoming unplayable. The level contains all the gut-splattering and limb severing weapons that DOOM has to offer, though some are easier to get than others. Orig...Date:05/12/94
Size:35.67 KB
Author:Chris Straw

Your buddies have been tortured... you can't escape but you CAN kill....Date:05/28/94
Size:151.41 KB
Author:James Gerbino

The West Wing
This map is full of interesting places. You'll be able to see the exit and the key you need very soon after you begin - but you won't be getting to them for quite some time. You will also come to a dead end fairly soon on your journey. The way out wi...Date:02/12/11
Size:47.34 KB
Author:Kevin Eudy

WET WORK: We've lost contact with a small science outpost located on the moon delta 9. UAC long range scan indicates an enemy presence, the hell spawn have redecorated and HQ doesn't like the color scheme. No one really likes you much, so we've decid...Date:11/17/94
Size:64.35 KB
Author:Zen Psychosis

You've recently been sent to work as a temp in a wharehouse. The address is a bit strange... Its in Hell! You discover that a new shipment of demon-spawn has just arrived, you decide to take it upon yourself to make sure they never leave the trailer ...Date:07/11/94
Size:47.21 KB
Author:Mike McGrath

What Dwells Beneath
Celebrating Doom's 25th Anniversary by creating a level. Starts off dark and a little too quiet until it all kicks off. Variety of different locations and encounters. What's through those giant double doors? What Dwells Beneath?...Date:12/08/18
Size:792.24 KB
Author:Neil Forshaw

A fun and easy small early level found on the "Death Match: The Ultimate Game Player's Kit" 2CD shovelware complilation (1996)...Date:12/16/10
Size:27.92 KB

This is a Doom version of TSR's Dungeons & Dragons module: White Plum Mountain. There are some differences from the original module; It was impossible to implement some elements with the Doom engine, but most of the features are included....Date:12/05/94
Size:48.09 KB
Author:Stephen J. Woods

I didn't not design the wad, but I fixxed the HOM least the major one. Five sidefs' lower textures were not defined....Date:07/10/94
Size:30.71 KB
Author:Chris J. Richards

E1M1 replacement PWAD. Named for the colour of the exit room....Date:04/05/06
Size:42.91 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

During the invasion on Phobos, you're platton was attacked by an unknown force. You woke up, and know you need to find where the hell you are. This was is small. I recommed to use MBF or BOOM. This wad won the Doom Wad Station contest (the original d...Date:05/25/01
Size:179.92 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

A medium sized level with lots of sargents, imps, a few demons, and a cacodemon or 2. All 3 keys will be needed. Plenty of ammo can be found, some in secret areas. A few trap doors, and automatic opening rooms. Not an easy level....Date:05/02/05
Size:53.32 KB
Author:Ken Seaman

The Black Widow
This is mostly a 1-player level, but it`s also a nice DM and co-level. You start with a not so power- ful weapon and you have to fight your way through a few guys before you get even a shotgun. But don`t let this scare you. It`s not so far away... Th...Date:11/29/94
Size:58.52 KB
Author:Ole J. Kielland

Size:88.64 KB
Author:Mark Harrison

This is my first level! I intend to create a "realistic" set of levels where the player SLOWLY builds up a good arsonal (is in ID's original levels). This first level is relatively short....Date:05/14/94
Size:16.17 KB
Author:William Leslie

William's DOOM
This group of levels is made just by random thought so it might not be a good designed level. I just made whatever came to my mind first. This group of levels is just for 1 player. Some secrets and some suprise attacks. No special new graphics or s...Date:05/02/05
Size:67.96 KB
Author:Satchi Inoue 13

A nice little level. The use of textures gives it a consistent theme....Date:04/13/07
Size:51.3 KB

Wire Brush
Just a really quick map to prove that I'm still working on stuff....Date:11/25/08
Size:89.39 KB

Wizard's Rage II (optimized version of WIZDOOM2.WAD)
This mission takes us to a far outpost, known as Octa-Gamma, located in the Octa-Major quadrant. The forces of the dark side have taken over the same and transformed it into a nightmarish environment. Your mission, Jim...Ooops! wrong show, sorry! Tha...Date:02/03/06
Size:141.63 KB
Author:Anthony "Wizard" Marino ( Ernest Anthony Marino ) and Sal "Washee" Gonzalez

Wizard's Rage III, The Castle of Hell. (optimized version of WIZDOOM3.WAD)
The forces of the dark side have invited you to play in their master's castle. Be very careful, and most of all, watch your back. Not everything you see will be what it seems. This is the OPTIMIZED version of WIZDOOM3.WAD, it has been optimized for...Date:02/03/06
Size:108.19 KB
Author:Anthony "Wizard" Marino ( Ernest Anthony Marino ) and Kim "SmartAssets" Roser

Wizard's Rage
This mission takes us to a far outpost, known as the octagama quadrant....Date:01/18/05
Size:33.82 KB
Author:Anthony "Wizard" Marino and Sal "Washee" Gonzalez

Wizard's Rage II
This mission takes us to a far outpost, known as Octa-Gamma, located in the Octa-Major quadrant. The forces of the dark side have taken over the same and transformed it into a nightmarish environment. Your mission, Jim...Ooops! wrong show, sorry! Tha...Date:02/12/05
Size:137.03 KB
Author:Anthony "Wizard" Marino and Sal "Washee" Gonzalez

Wizard's Rage III, The Castle of Hell.
The forces of the dark side have invited you to play in their master's castle. Be very careful, and most of all, watch your back. Not everything you see will be what it seems....Date:01/18/05
Size:102.66 KB
Author:Anthony "Wizard" Marino, and Kim "SmartAssets" Roser

The Real Wright Junior Senior High School
This is a WAD modeled after Wright Junior/Senior High in Wright, Wyoming. All exits are sealed and the exit switch is hidden. Have fun!...Date:05/24/98
Size:32.82 KB
Author:Patrick "Monster Happy" Weber

Waste Labs
Near UAC main facility is a waste lab that transforms toxic waste into usable recources. Monsters have taken over this plant and you need to kill them and stop them from stopping that plant. Good Luck!!...Date:01/08/05
Size:49.65 KB
Author:Sauli Sammalisto

The Well of Souls
Tricky little WAD with a few cheeky sections...Date:04/05/96
Size:41.31 KB
Author:Phil Roberts

Winnie Pooh
you mean the plot? Well, uh... After the Doomguy triumphantly saved Earth, he decided to keep the teleport to the monsters' dimension for himself. But one day, as he was fixing his BFG, he went to the toilet and returned to see his new pet bunny "acc...Date:02/18/16
Size:133.66 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

a short level (my first) par time: about 6 minutes with 100 % kills LMP file included .. (nearly perfect)...Date:06/10/06
Size:27.08 KB
Author:Wolfgang Grassl

There is a fortress deep within Wolf Mountain where the stars always shine in an artificial sky. It's guarded by ghouls and monsters, results of genetic engineering. This is the home of an ancient, shapeshifting enemy of humanity. Here, the world's w...Date:06/08/98
Size:149.35 KB
Author:David Meurin

Wolfenstein Tribute WAD
This is a rework of the classic first level of Wolfenstein 3D. (e.g You've been captured. You start out in a dungeon cell, next to the still warm corpse of a guard. However, this time it's a key instead of a gun that you start with. (Made more sense....Date:07/15/10
Size:41.2 KB
Author:John R. Chapman

Timber Wolf
This is a beta version of the level. I still have to finish the level, if you have any ideas for how to finish the level, please e-mail me!!...Date:06/19/97
Size:6.74 KB

You haven't a clue who you are, or WHERE you are... (Isn't that the crappy thing about amnesia!) ...but you'd better hope that doesn't affect your chances to escape this maze of beasties, locked doors, stairs, stairs, stairs, and more stairs...This s...Date:02/08/95
Size:67.16 KB
Author:Ryan Shephard

If you liked WOODHALL, you're gonna love this....Date:09/12/94
Size:29.39 KB
Author:David Damerell

There's not really much to describe about this level. It's really just a level like all others. The one thing you may notice is the over use of the same textures over and over. It may get annoying, I dunno. It doesn't really bother ...Date:08/19/96
Size:39.98 KB
Author:Nick Olman

See below....Date:09/14/94
Size:202.92 KB
Author:World Opening Processors Bob, Cortex, Miq and Baluk

A cyberdemon has escaped from a lab, where they are trying to find his weakness. He was injured by a marine,which was made short work of, and he was trapped inside a illusio-pit. Your job is to find it, and kill it....Date:01/30/99
Size:1.83 KB
Author:Paul Thrussell

Well it's taken me a week but I have finally finished...Date:09/07/96
Size:45.57 KB
Author:Walter Sanz

Well its taken me two weeks to finish making this wad. If you explore the entire wad and kill every enemy it will probably take you around 35 minutes. I put in plenty of ammo, medi kits, and armour for multiplayers. I also put in a few traps so be ca...Date:09/07/96
Size:1.27 MB
Author:Walter D. Sanz

The Wasteland Series
This file contains all the three Wasteland maps plus a few resources such as a new TITLEPIC and level names for the intermission screen which I received from the original author. Original txt files for each of the single maps are included in the read...Date:06/27/04
Size:294.52 KB
Author:Alberto Barsella

This level(WSTOWER.WAD) was very well designed, but had an outstanding number of problems. To start with, texture alignment was a major problem. I didn't see one aligned texture. I have aligned most of them. Also, there were many unnecessary sectors,...Date:09/18/96
Size:129.67 KB
Author:Walter D. Sanz Misc. Editing by Andy R. Olivera

Waste Treatment Center #911
A weird lil map that looks too bright on GL source ports, and too dark on software mode. Somewhat Knee-Deepish, pretty linear but I put a lot of work into it, so hopefully it should be pretty enjoyable. May eventually become part of a set....Date:12/19/02
Size:168.59 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

WWF wrestling ring.....Date:08/22/94
Size:8.02 KB
Author:Eric Wescott

Errrrrrrr... well, imagine you are in a series of badly lit tunnels and the only way you can see the monsters is when they shoot at you. That should give you a fairly good idea of the level. It is my first Wad, so be nice to...Date:07/29/94
Size:20.86 KB
Author:James Brown

Mission: Kill monsters, find secrets....Date:03/13/02
Size:109.45 KB
Author:Graham Baird

Sharp Things
Single map for Ultimate Doom. Created for the first Battle of the Bits Doom compo. In this spectacular adventure, you must wage a one-man war against a thorn bush in your backyard that happens to accidentally contain a portal to spiky hell. Time to...Date:12/30/17
Size:288.78 KB
Author:Xaser Acheron

Excalibur 1.1
I confess! I'm not a *true* DOOMer. I like the game the most at the HMP (He Must Practice ?!) level. I want to have some time to take a closer look at the enviroment. Besides, I'm into X-rays, not UV :) Therefore I spend much time aligning textures a...Date:04/11/95
Size:119.86 KB
Author:Stefan Maes

Xenomorph 'The complex'
Specially designed for D/Match or Co-op. Fight in and around a huge complex building, finding the secret transporters and weapon caches to outsmart your enemy. In single player mode, Fire up Ultra violence, get outside with god mode on and watch the ...Date:05/24/94
Size:77.96 KB
Author:Daniel Griffiths

A weird mix of half-baked ideas. (YOU try to come up with something original to compete with all those other new .WADs). Level one is just being cute, and gives you a chance to build up supplies. Level two is short, and is based on a simple idea. B...Date:06/28/94
Size:91.63 KB
Author:Marcus Westrup

Christmas DOOM
Single/Co-op/DM wad for DOOM I Another brand new Level for Doom I....Date:01/19/97
Size:100.04 KB
Author:Yukio Ide (from Japan) *( Waizu )

If you like this wad file, leave me a note on Software creations BBS, maybe I'll make another. thanks Stefano Biefeni...Date:05/03/05
Size:49.26 KB
Author:Stefano Biefeni

What is Yak World? The simple and clear answer is that we haven't got a clue. Many sections are highly nifty, but if it resembles a theme park or some sort of yak-infested planet we'd be the last to know. It lacks theme, unity, some of the thin...Date:05/29/94
Size:476.13 KB
Author:Spackle Ltd.

Ying, no Yang.
Shaped Like a ying-yang symbol. Lots of monsters to waste. Few puzzles. This is an asthetic level, with carnage. This is my second pwad. Find my first EYESTORM.ZIP for another quality pwad....Date:03/12/95
Size:87.79 KB
Author:Mark Riel

My friends say that this level is too hard, but if wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be worthwile. It's not one those 'impossible' wads that I've tried. I spent a lot of time with detail too. I hate when rooms look like the textures were thrown together....Date:09/10/94
Size:59.34 KB
Author:John Cecere

YOUNG1.WAD ver 1.0
This is my first WAD and I think it captures the spirit of the original DOOM levels - with a few new tricks of my own! Hardened DOOMers shouldn't have many problems getting off the level - but my challenge to you is to collect all of the weapons - th...Date:05/17/94
Size:43.62 KB
Author:Alistair Young

A room with masses of monsters to kill....Date:04/13/07
Size:5.78 KB

Ktulu Calls Zaphod (BIG mistake)
Bear with me... I know sometimes I don't care what the story is behind the level - I JUST WANT TO PLAY - but I think you'll be glad you read this first. Zaphod Beeblebrox, our galactic hero and just an all-around great guy, was zipping around in hi...Date:03/08/95
Size:271.21 KB
Author:Timothy A. Harris

Many years have passed since the first bloody encounters with the enemy, and so, the war against the demon invaders continues, unabated, despite the heroic efforts of the UAC. Time has taken it's toll as well. The resources of the once mighty UAC are...Date:07/22/97
Size:740.53 KB
Author:Richard Dale Carlson

Single, Multi-Player, and Deathmatch....Date:06/14/94
Size:53.63 KB
Author:James Roven

Fun map. If you like looking around corners before jumping out, and if you like simple mazes, then this is your map. There is enough excitement to keep you busy for hours. No need for cheat keys. For those DieHards, I put at five barons in the level....Date:05/31/94
Size:46.77 KB
Author:Ray Trochim

See the enclosed Zonerulz.txt. If you don't have it then Email steven right away and tell him you don't have the file....Date:02/04/95
Size:50.48 KB
Author:Michael Hopkins

This level is designed for DEATHMATCH play. It's a room full of obstacles, lifts, ambush places and rocket launchers....Date:05/12/94
Size:11.36 KB
Author:Ari Koivisto

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