Filename: levels/doom/v-z/wadpak1a.zip
Size: 824.9 KB
Date: 08/11/94
Author: Gary Karnik
Description: This is the second release WADPAK1. This is my attempt to take some of the best shareware PWADs for DOOM available and combine them together into reasonable new episodes. Each episode should be playable by a single player or deathmatch as in ID's own levels.
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Pretty horrible, doesn't have any charm to itx
mediocre compilation at bestx
A 6 foot pile of steaming shit!x
This WAD has its share of classics from the early days of WAD making - FOREST, 11BONES, 666, CORTYR_B, MEGAWATT, STONES - mixed with a bunch of "my-first-WAD"s. BTW, a nice 100% kills/secrets demo set for this WAD is available at The Doomed Speed Demos Archive.x
Thankfully there is a bunch of text files that credit all the original authors. I only played episode one; it starts off terribly, with a level you can finish in three seconds. You can also just run to the end of E1M4. The rest are poor-quality 1994-era levels, with the exception of E1M7 ("Evil_e") which is not bad. Life's too short to go through E2 and E3.x

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