Title: wads.zip
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/wads.zip
Size: 360.88 KB
Date: 02/25/97
Author: Michael Hafen
Description: Just some levels I built, in two wads.
The first has 9 levels, E1M1 - E1M9.
The second has 3 levels, E1M1 - E1M3.

These levels have been converted into Doom 2.
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0 stars is unfair because of the effort alone, but no, this is not good. It looks like being made early 1994, in those experimental days in which most level builders more or less randomly constructed their maps, and then presented it as 'H, look, my own level :-)'... Even for 1997 standards it's too simple, repetitive, and has no serious gameplay. But as obviously a lot of effort has been put in this: 1*.x
Best review ever. And judging by E1M1 of Hall.wad it's absolutely right, too; the map is just a series of large ugly corridors with about 300 zombiemen. Life is too brief to waste precious minutes on dross like this. I will regret those lost minutes on my deathbed.x
Im just going to throw my ratings out there, because this wad needs some help, and I ran out of room with the original reviews of each level. Here are the reviews for hall.wad: E1M1: 0 stars. E1M2: 1 star. E1M3: 2 stars. Here's the reviews for kill.wad: E1M1: This is a copy of hall.wad's E1M2. E1M2: 0 stars. E1M3: 0 stars. E1M4: 0 stars. E1M5: 0 stars. E1M6: 0 stars. E1M7: 0 stars. E1M8: 2 stars. E1M9: 0 stars OVERALL SCORE: 0.45 stars (rounded down) = 0 stars x

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