Filename: levels/doom/v-z/waycool.zip
Size: 29.68 KB
Date: 04/13/07
Author: Unknown
Description: A level, that is fun to play. Amoung others, the teleporter trap is cool.
Base: New from scratch
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This WAD from the glorious summer of '94 appears to be a puzzle level. There are only two dozen monsters but a third of them are heavyweights that you cannot handle with the shotgun and a few shells that you get at the start. So you need to navigate the traps, solve the teleporter puzzles and find more firepower. This would have been a pretty good level if it were finished: there's a blue key without a corresponding door, the pit it's in is a deathtrap and there's no exit. 3/5 for the idea. - N_Ax
Badly balanced, irritating teleporter traps (that seem to have no logic to them, some take you back to the start of the level). Not many enemies, but that's okay since we're not even given enough weapons or ammo to fight them. The rooms are, at least, varied, although the textures in some of them are awful and look terrible. Couldn't be bothered to find the exit, but I did find a blue key in an inescapable (?) pit of sludge. One star.x

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