Title: WHITROOM.WAD (White Room)
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/whitrm2.zip
Size: 30.71 KB
Date: 07/10/94
Author: Chris J. Richards
Description: I didn't not design the wad, but I fixxed the HOM problem...at least the major one. Five sidefs' lower textures were not defined.
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This is a slight modification of WHITROOM.WAD (id=14313) that for some reason made it into /idgames 12 years before the original. Despite the claim in the TXT, the major HOM (triggered by linedef 27 that erroneously has the manual door special set) was not fixed in this version. Worse, this version is missing the custom graphics and adds 99 blank dummy entries. 2/5 for the effort but you're much better off playing the original. - N_Ax
This is one of the best single-player WADs I've ever played. No, hold that -- it IS THE BEST single-player WAD I've ever experienced. Highly recommended download.x

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