Title: The Black Widow
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/widow101.zip
Size: 58.52 KB
Date: 11/29/94
Author: Ole J. Kielland
Description: This is mostly a 1-player level, but it`s also a nice DM and co-level. You start with a not so power- ful weapon and you have to fight your way through a few guys before you get even a shotgun. But don`t let this scare you. It`s not so far away... The level itself isn`t that big, but it`s way enough action all the way. Most of you experienced DOOM- player-guys will take it down after a few tries. I didn`t want it to be impossible getting to the exit, but those who haven`t played DOOM that much, will have quite fun, finding secret doors, heavy weapons and all that stuff. I`m not saying that the masters will find this level boring, so don`t turn around, you people!! I think the whole World of DOOM will find this level exciting. I`m thinking about making an episode, so if you like this level, send me a postcard to cheer me up. Finally, here`s my advice: ALWAYS LOOK BEHIND YOU! (And in front of you, because I`ve included some hot pictures of nude teenagers...)
Credits: ID Software, Matthew Ayres, Bill Neisius, Tom Neff and Ketil Kintel
Base: I made the level by my self (SCRATCH)
Build time: About 72 hours (a lot spent on sexy graphics)
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.42, DMGRAPH 1.1 and DMMUSIC 1.0
Bugs: Only one. In a little corridor that turns to the right, in the middle of the inner turn, there is a little error called the HALL OF MIRROR (HOM). I`ve tried to fix it, but nothing, except deleting the whole linedef seems to work.
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Nice wad.x
OK, I admit I played this WAD back in the day because of the "And in front of you, because I`ve included some hot pictures of nude teenagers..." line. OK, so Freud was right. So what? Too bad that it's misleading advertising at best: there's exactly ONE (low-res, even for Doom) "hot pic", and for the rest you're left with a crappy (even for 1994) level. Ole Jacob Kielland, I hope you're proud of yourself. 1/5 -Maesx
Doesn't actually look that bad for the most part, but isn't much fun either. The nude pic was almost pointless, aside from being a trap (if you go close to get a look, you get teleported into a nukage pit with a spiderdemon... I guess that's why it's called 'black widow'). The sky is a standard size Doom sky, so it looks like you're some weird place between four earths. The music seems to be a remix of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider", which is wholly unfitting to Doom and rapidly becomes agonizing.x
OMG, an ugly WAD from 1994 lolz Ah, the memories, the memories ;-) 1/5x
Second wad in the Doomworld database with the word 'nude' in the description; far worse than the first. It's basically very square (in the literal sense rather than in the sense of being conservative or old-fashioned) although it *is* old-fashioned. Naked woman nothing to write home about.x

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