Title: Wizard's Rage II (optimized version of WIZDOOM2.WAD)
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/wizdm2_5.zip
Size: 141.63 KB
Date: 02/03/06
Author: Anthony "Wizard" Marino ( Ernest Anthony Marino ) and Sal "Washee" Gonzalez
Description: This mission takes us to a far outpost, known as Octa-Gamma, located in the Octa-Major quadrant. The forces of the dark side have taken over the same and transformed it into a nightmarish environment. Your mission, Jim...Ooops! wrong show, sorry! That's about it trooper, as you know, all the weapons are in the base, your buds took 'em all. So remember, use the force Luke, Ooops! nevermind! ;>

This is an optimized version of the original WIZDOOM2.WAD. It has been optimized for speed, thereby reducing graphic slow-down. Many thanks to RMB v2.0 by Jens Hykkelbjerg and Steve Benner for making this possible.
Credits: id software for making such a great game, DEU, and BSP
Base: This is an optimized version of the original WIZDOOM2.WAD
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.2, BSP Nodes Builder v1.2x and RMB v2.0
Bugs: None
Rating: (1 vote)
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Large-ish, way-too-nonlinear level where going the wrong way leaves you outgunned and desperate for supplies. Computer Area Map basically needs to be found, as all keys are hidden. Visually, not very detailed, with no consistent texture theme. Also features one of the biggest, most needlessly-complex mazes I've ever seen in a PWAD. Overall: Definitely challenging, but frustrating, with a poor layout. 1/5 -VVx

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