Filename: levels/doom/v-z/wsarena.zip
Size: 45.57 KB
Date: 09/07/96
Author: Walter Sanz
E-mail: wxs85004@Bayou.UH.EDU
Description: Well it's taken me a week but I have finally finished
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu 5.21 GCC
Bugs: None
Rating: (1 vote)
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Some good ideas, implemented poorly. It has many of the sins of early mapping, but they're mostly on the visual end. It's somewhat redeemed by being more fun/interesting than much of the drivel of the time; play wise it is no masterpiece, but breaks average, occasionally interesting or challenging, rooms have different looks and shapes from each other, and a rather satisfying setup near the beginning where you can, with good timing, nuke a cluster of zombies with a well-placed shot to some barrels.x

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