Title: TOWER OF DEATH v1.2
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/wstowr12.zip
Size: 129.67 KB
Date: 09/18/96
Author: Walter D. Sanz Misc. Editing by Andy R. Olivera
Description: This level(WSTOWER.WAD) was very well designed, but had an outstanding number of problems. To start with, texture alignment was a major problem. I didn't see one aligned texture. I have aligned most of them. Also, there were many unnecessary sectors, which made the file very large(500K) and slow. I have deleted all such sectors, and, in the process, reduced the file size to 416K. A total of more then 100 sectors were deleted. Speed has also been increased, because of fewer sectors, fewer nodes, and a better reject map. I have made the level much more difficult. There are now a total of 806 monsters, so if you try to save, it will crash. On UV, if you kill all monsters, it takes about 50 minutes.

This level is not a sequel to WSTOWER.WAD. It is a revision. VERSION 1.2
Credits: ID Software Ben Morris for DCK Walter D. Sanz for WSTOWER.WAD
Base: WSTOWER.WAD, Again, this is only a revision.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK v3.61, WARM v1.6
Bugs: Attempting to save will crash your system.
Rating: (2 votes)
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A huuuge WAD. Apparently, the original was made by Sanz, and Andy did the cleanup. The TXT claims 806 monsters, but there are only 805, the Lost Souls included. That may seem like a lot, but given the map size and the glut of cells (over 10,000), it's a relatively easy ride. The main challenge is to rememeber where to go. Slaughter bits alternate with mazy ones. One of the six secrets is inaccessible, as it is a one-way teleporter (Sector 612). Overall, not bad. - N_A x
The original WSTOWER isn't in the archive, although it seems to have seduced some designers (there is also an updated version for the original Doom called WSTOWR12). This is a large and entertaining level that is surprisingly tough for something so old. You face almost 700 mostly powerful monsters, although you have a rocket launcher and plenty of ammo and health. There are lots of archvile traps. It's crudely executed and a pain to navigate, but I enjoyed it.x

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