Title: Excalibur 1.1
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/xcalib11.zip
Size: 119.86 KB
Date: 04/11/95
Author: Stefan Maes
Description: I confess! I'm not a *true* DOOMer. I like the game the most at the HMP (He Must Practice ?!) level. I want to have some time to take a closer look at the enviroment. Besides, I'm into X-rays, not UV :) Therefore I spend much time aligning textures and I hope I haven't missed a spot (If you find an error, please flame my beta-testers!). On the other hand, this could mean that I exaggerated UV a little...

Before you go out and hopefully play this WAD, I must tell you that there's a CyberDemon Surprise at the end (I know it's a cheap trick, flame me!), but you're given 3 options to bypass this CDS: a) Run like hell; b) Nuke him (a BFG might come in handy); and c) ... Nah! It's a secret.
Credits: id Sofware for creating DOOM;
Brendon Wyber and RaphaŽl Quinet for the Doom Editing Utilities;
Per Allansson and Per Kofod for the GCC port of DEU;
Colin Reed for his Binary Space Partitioner 1.2x - the only node-builder that could handle this WAD correctly;
L. Witek (lee@trousers.demon.co.uk) for his Reject utility;
Jin Kim (xjinkim@fullerton.edu) for discussion about the different nodebuilders out there, beta-testing and many hints to improve playability of this WAD;
My collegues Gerd Thys (thys@sch2.uia.ac.be), Carl Peten (peten@sch2.uia.ac.be) and Johan Van der Looy (vdlooy@sch2.uia.ac.be) for DeathMatches and beta-testing;
Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr) for his DeuTex utility. Sometimes things can be so imple if you have the right program;
Billy D'Augustine (azog@world.std.com), Ken McDowell (kmcdowel@freenet.columbus.oh.us), Mauro 'from Bologna' (linguagg@sidasun1.cineca.it) and Brett (BrettH33014@aol.com): the few people that took the time to comment on my creation and which made this WAD a (hopefully) better WAD.
Base: Update from my own EXCALIBR.WAD;
Build time: Roughly 10 hours for the paper design; Six (6!) months for the DOS-port. I had a Windows-like hate-love relationship with DEU: More off that on the job.
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1 and DEUGCC 5.2.1, BSP 1.2X, REJECT 1.0 and DEUTEX 2.1
Bugs: - It's more a feature than a bug: Because of the complexity of this WAD, don't play it with anything less than the Doom 1.4 engine. Unless of course you really like HOMs :)
- Lack of speed on 'lower end' Doom machines on UV. Send enough comments/complaints and I might try again. For now I'm a little tired fooling around with Block Sound LineDefs and Deaf/Ambush Flags.
- The one my beta-testers never told me about.
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Getsu Fune
seen this in the Army of Darkness TC. still a cool map.x
A true classic. Despite the map being large, it's possible to beat the level quickly if you know where the blue key is. 4/5x
A good castle WAD from the classic era. - N_Ax
I remember this - it's part of the "maximum doom" CD collection that I have knocking about somewhere. It's a castle level, excellent for the time, not quite so good now. As one of the other reviews points out, there are a lot of pokey little rooms. And there's a design decision/bug whereby the monsters don't react to you until you shoot 'em. It's nostalgic, though.x
pros: wonderful gameplay Great monster placement looks pretty good good traps cons: out of place textures themes here and there] too many small rooms (youll see what i mean) overall really good. so what are you waiting for, download it!x
This was one of the first good Doom wads I played in my life; innovative for the epoch it was made, very great map. You brought me a lot of inspiration for every work of mine, so you deserve ***** - Danielx

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