Filename: levels/doom/v-z/xfire.zip
Size: 91.63 KB
Date: 06/28/94
Author: Marcus Westrup
Description: A weird mix of half-baked ideas. (YOU try to come up with something original to compete with all those other new .WADs).

Level one is just being cute, and gives you a chance to build up supplies. Level two is short, and is based on a simple idea. Better oil that chain saw! (Hint: experiment a little with the pistol...) Level three is big. The "crossfire" room (you'll know it when you see it) is a blast. For a treat, try walking through it backwards!
Credits: Someone who lent me a 486dx to do all this work on.
Base: From scratch.
Build time: Too damn long. I want my life back.
Editor(s) used: Deu51, Deu52, BSP11x, BSP12x, and a sharp pencil.
Bugs: The larger and more complex rooms may show some HOM in the distance; I expect this to improve with the release of DOOM 1.4 (Because this was done on a 486, I can't say how well it will play on a slower machine; some rooms may run slow).
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M1 is a big room with the word "DOOM" formed by metal platforms, and some offshoot areas. M2 is a gimmick map, lined with barrels to force you to melee against the bull-demons lest you blow the whole place to hell. M3 starts out with a flat, cramped, ugly cavern maze, but improves into a passable E2-ish level with one annoying trap that you have to sneak past to get the last key. Oldschool stuff all the way, but not nearly as bad as a lot of old wads.x
The first map and the last are nothing special, but E2M2 is a tricky bastard of a level! The last map also features a clever instant-death trap. Overall, a good '94 WAD. - N_Ax

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