Title: Ying, no Yang.
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/ying1.zip
Size: 87.79 KB
Date: 03/12/95
Author: Mark Riel
Description: Shaped Like a ying-yang symbol. Lots of monsters to waste. Few puzzles. This is an asthetic level, with carnage. This is my second pwad. Find my first EYESTORM.ZIP for another quality pwad.
Credits: Creators of DEU, BSP, REJECT & DMGRAPH. And, of course, id Software.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu
Bugs: Some single column glitches. BSP seems to create these when there are a lot of curves.
Rating: (6 votes)
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Simple design but requires some planning, otherwise it easy to kick the bucket, especially at the end. Most of the fights are close-quarters, keeping you on your toes throughout. Some good looking bits here and there, like the torches recessed into the walls at the start; others look cool but are a pain to plain, like having to find a switch in a pitch-black room with lost souls. - N_Ax
This is dated September 1994. It's an average map, the kind that might have made a noise at the time but seems dull and lifeless nowadays. Like other levels that are supposed to look like something on the automap, the design feels odd and unsatisfying. Inevitably the map is symmetrical and makes you repeat the same action four times in a row. On the other hand the design details are nice and atmospheric for 1994, and bits of it still look good in a simple way.x
Fun map.x

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