Title: LAST HOPE of the UAC
Filename: levels/doom/v-z/zdimhope.zip
Size: 740.53 KB
Date: 07/22/97
Author: Richard Dale Carlson
Description: Many years have passed since the first bloody encounters with the enemy, and so, the war against the demon invaders continues, unabated, despite the heroic efforts of the UAC. Time has taken it's toll as well. The resources of the once mighty UAC are nearly exhausted, while the enemy seems to grow stronger and bolder all the time... You (and possibly, your squadmate) are the last hope of the UAC. You have been chosen, from among the last remaining space marines, to penetrate the Caves of Steel, formerly a UAC moonbase, and somehow gain knowledge of (or access to) the legendary "ShadowGate", by which the enemy transports most of its troops and supplies. This gate cannot be destroyed, but it may be able to be used to penetrate the supernatural defenses of the enemy, somehow. You will be inserted directly into the base via confiscated enemy slipgate technology and from that point on, you'll be on your own.
Credits: id Software for making such nice, friendly games Wad Author WinTex Cakewalk Pro Paintshop Pro Midi2Mus Endoomer
Base: 8 new levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wad Author WinTex Cakewalk Pro
Bugs: key problems in e1m1 (fixed) floating health box in e1m3 (fixed)
Rating: (9 votes)
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For 1997, this is really shitty. At least the 3 original tunes are nice; shame the author won't let other people use them in maps. Not that he'd care 14 years later, but... 1/5x
The music indeed is awesome (some may find it too pompous/heavily orchestrated though, there's even a Chopin arrangement). Gameplay is tedious: too cramped, few open areas always include cyberdemons… Many custom sounds don't help: some are acceptable (teleporter), other highly annoying (zombiemen deaths). Overall, this is a bit like Icarus or Marswar, similar texture use, progression and poor implementation of nice ideas. 1st level is for fans of Jon Landis' claustrophobic mapping style. 3/5 stars, vdggx
An excellent episode and terrific music selection. In particular, I'd like to single out the author's "Beehive" (D_E1M2) - an epic track! For some reason, none of the numerous secrets have the secret special bit set, so you always get 0% in vanilla. Unmarked switches is another (minor) gripe. Only 87% kills possible on E1M7. Look for a demopak for this on DSDA soon. - N_Ax
And now, in the space station base of the UAC, he knew there were demons.x
Nice episode. A bit too easy for the most part though.x

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