Title: Wolfen-Steined!
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/2fiffy1.zip
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Date: 11/10/97
Author: George Fiffy
Description: This game is a mini episode containing (9) levels of the unexplored Wolfenstein castle, 2 extras are SECRET!* These levels use regular DOOM II graphics, and, of course, the Wolfenstein set that came with DOOM II!

ALSO, since the DOOM II enemies are tougher, there is no need for 1,000 enemies in a single level, unlike TOTAL WARs for DOOM! GOOD LUCK!

This game can be played in all modes. In 1 or multi-player games, you'll go at the unexplored sections of Castle Wolfenstein against some of the HARDEST enemies you'll ever face! No need for 100 enemies here. Just ONE could do you in on a level (of course, there are more)!

In Deathmatch, you and up to four Doomheads will duke it out (or blow each other to kingdom come) to be the only survivor. Are you that person?
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Bugs: (1) 22 years old and I'm still getting zits! Shouldn't this be over?

(2) LEVEL 9, The Boss: If you activated the lift in front of the giant head, even when it's up all the way, the cubes the head spits out will "jump" onto the platform and return to it's orriginal track of motion. I guess these have no clipping.

(3) LEVEL 3, God these internal nodebuilders suck! You may notice in quite a few places in the cavern where the bends in the lava river seem to pull themselves apart (HOM). If a seprate nodebuilder is ever made for DOOM II, this wouldn't exist. WHERE ARE YOU COLLIN REED???!!

(4) LEVEL 8, THE SHIELDS: The return of the bad nodebuilder's reign of destruction! If you walk up to the one on the right, it will turn in to HOM. You won't see the shields up close, unless you do something that you shouldn't do (CHEATER)!

(5) LEVEL 8, BEHIND LEFT SHIELD: #%@*!&$ nodebuilder! When the shields are back in the raised position, the left cage room gets "pulled apart", like the lava river in level 3. When near the right caged room, looking at the left one, you'll see a line going right up the screen. (If I could get those BSP nodebuilders to work with DOOM II, which return error messages, ergo, won't rebuild D2 maps, there would be only ONE thing "wrong"!)

(6) This thing got done!

(7) Beta testers actually liked it. :)

(8) FIRST DEMO: I forgot that, unlike DOOM 1, when you die, you have to actualy QUIT the game to stop recording! No biggie. You get just an extra greeting from the Nazi Soldier at the beginning!
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One of a series of wads made by this man. "Pins and" needless to say the website no longer "make your way to the" exists. The concept (Wolfenstein Doom) is done well but it's unfortunately not a very good concept; the gameplay involves flicking switches in similar-looking square rooms and then running back through the level to see which doors have monsters coming out of them. Even back when it was new I hated Wolfenstein, it was tedious.x
Sorta a mixture of Wolfenstein and Doom2. This was the first wad I ever played. Design is dated. 3/5 - PCx
Awesome, go get it now. -Motix
The only thing worse than a level with too little ammo and armor is too much. Level 1 is reasonably challenging, but you always get so many suits of armor and boxes and boxes of ammo that it gets boring. I never made it past a little into Level 3.x
wow much more than i expectid nine great levels! get it! x

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